“Moana” spoiler-free review

   Disney’s newest Princess film Moana is already impressively successful and loved by everyone who’s seen it. The story is of a chief’s daughter who goes on a journey to save her people. Joined by demigod Maui, they sail across the ocean, fighting whatever comes their way. Based on the stories from Polynesian mythology, this film is likely to be as successful as 2013’s Frozen.

   Like the past few Disney Princess films, there is no love interest (even though some may ship Moana and Maui). Merida from Brave didn’t marry anyone at the end of her film. Elsa from Frozen didn’t marry anyone, either. Anna from Frozen had a love interest (two, actually), but still didn’t end her film with a marriage. And here, it seems that Moana doesn’t even have any hopes of getting married; her people are her main priority. Disney is sticking to the “independent woman” plots.


   Auli’i Cravalho is the voice of Moana. It was quite refreshing to hear a new, fresh voice on the big screen. However, it was hard to believe that she hasn’t had any movie experience before this; her voice acting is so impressive and realistic. Cravalho didn’t overexagerate anything and her singing was simply beautiful. It took my breath away by how powerful her voice is.

   Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also appears in this film as Maui. His voice acting was also incredible, but his singing, even better. It was a shame that he didn’t have more songs, but, if he did have more songs, it would probably overshadow Cravalho’s. He was the perfect companion for Auli’i Cravalho and Moana. The humour and sarcasm throughout the film was suitable for all audience’s, making it enjoyable for everyone to watch.


The animation throughout this movie is simply breathtaking. It’s visually beautiful and really gives the audience a ‘Summer’ feeling. Everything has perfect detailing, making it impossible to turn away from the screen.

Moana’s soundtrack is also something that has been crafted by the gods. It’s impossible to not sing along to any of the songs. Even more impossible to not get at least one stuck in your head (for me, it’s “Shiny). The soundtrack was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and I just have to applaud his work right now; THE SONGS ARE AMAZING, THANK YOU!!

Tamatoa, voiced by Jemaine Clement, is also a pretty cool character. Lin-Manuel Miranda actually used that character to get revenge for The Little Mermaid’s Sebestian; Tamatoa sings about eating humans. Thank you, Miranda, for that little insight and Easter Egg there! What better way to get revenge? (If you haven’t seen it yet, Tamatoa will pop up again after the credits!!).


I can’t wait until this movie is out on DVD so that I can watch it again. It is simply breathtaking and the message the story gives is amazing, as well.

After seeing this movie, you will be left in awe and feeling slightly desperate to watch it again; or, at least, listen to the songs on full blast. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you go and watch it right now!


(I do not own any of these images, they belong to Disney)


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