“Finding Dory” spoiler-free review

The long-awaited sequel to the first film, Finding Nemo, was finally released last Summer. I was so excited to watch it; I actually counted down the days from when it was first announced. I was like a little kid waiting for it to be released.

And then the day came when I finally saw it; I was not disappointed at all. It was such an amazing film, filled with nostalgia. Having a rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, this film is suitable for all audiences, and is guaranteed to make you laugh your tail off.

We get to find out more about Dory. As expected, we see her as a baby, we meet her parents and we find out where she comes from. I guess we really are ‘finding Dory‘. baby dory.png


Baby Dory is so cute! Her big eyes and tiny little fins are just simply adorable. Her sweet voice to go with her appearance is to die for. I can’t get over how precious she looks, it makes me want to cry.

“There are no walls in the ocean.”Β 



As someone who is passionate about animal welfare, my favourite thing about this film is the message it sends. ANIMALS WANT THEIR FREEDOM!!Β It perfectly captures the shifting attitudes of keeping animals confined, and the shifting attitudes of animals that are being confined. Dory’s new friends, a begula whale, Bailey, and a nearsighted whale shark, Destiny. Bailey develops a fear of life in the open ocean while Destiny develops an insecurity about her swimming abilities, as she keeps bumping into the walls. They overcome these fears and insecurities, which helps keep the strong message alive.

We see familiar faces from the first film, which makes your inner-child SO happy. The references and little ‘Easter Eggs’ to the first film help make it that much more memorable and exciting. There’s even a ‘after credits’ scene. It was worth the wait.

This fun-family adventure definitely meets the expectation of being as good as the first film. Maybe even better. It has things that adults and children will find funny and understand. The much-loved characters meet more characters that will be just as loved. It is a story about family, love, and animal rights. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out! If you loved the first film, and want to watch something fun and new, then this is the film for you. It could be your new favourite film. You won’t be disappointed!



(I do not own any of these images, they belong to Disney)


2 thoughts on ““Finding Dory” spoiler-free review

  1. booklovingmama says:

    We watched this the other day, for the first time. It had me and Richard laughing all the way through and Oscar sat still and hooked from the get go. It was amazing, and I think I prefers it slightly to the first (like I did with Cars).
    Great review.

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