18 romantic Disney moments

Disney puts magic in everything, including romance. Most romantic scenes make you swoon, make you cry and get envious, or will make you shout “OH MY GOD, GOALS!!” Anyway, let’s be honest, the romantic scenes are what helps make the movie so damn good. Here are some of the most romantic scenes, in no particular order.

1. Tangled’s ‘I See The Light’ scene


This scene is literally just perfect. The lighting all around Eugene and Rapunzel, the song, the almost-kiss scene. Did I mention the song?? Everything about this scene is perfect. Especially when Eugene puts Rapunzel’s hair out of her face; for me, that just completes it.

2. Cinderella (2015) ballroom scene


Richard Madden and Lily James are just perfect in this movie. They look good together and play their characters amazingly. And this scene is just the best. The music to go with it, the dancing, Cinderella’s entrance. When The Prince says, “oh believe me, they’re all looking at you”, makes it even better.

3. Lady sharing food with Tramp

maxresdefault (2).jpg

This is probably one of the most iconic scenes ever. And most iconic bowl of spaghetti, too. This scene is just so cute and innocent, I love it! Even the song is super sweet.

4. Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan’s wedding


I’ve always loved this scene, because who doesn’t want to get married whilst on a boat and fighting? I think that’s what makes it so romantic and sweet, in a way. They just don’t care; as long as they’re married, they’re fine. And, the way Captain Barbossa marries them is priceless.

5. Beast releasing Belle


I feel like this is the scene when you truly see how much they care for each other. Beast put Belle’s needs before his own, and even gave her the magic mirror! How sweet.

6. Flynn saving Rapunzel


Another prince putting his princesses needs before his own! Flynn literally sacrifices himself for Rapunzel. Here, we also hear the iconic line “you were my new dream”. This scene is so sweet that it makes me turn into a teary puddle on the floor every time. It’s not fair! D:

7. Aladdin and Jasmine finish each other’s sentence


(“You know, it’s crazy”


“We finish each other’s-“


“That’s what I was gonna say!”)

Personally, I feel like this is actually the moment they fell in love. The way they look at each other, and the little cute-awkward silence afterwards is just so cute, I love it!

8. Jack tells Sally


Finally, the moment we were waiting for throughout the movie! No matter how many times you watch this movie, you will always have that “well, it’s about time!” thought going through your head. I love this scene; the song to go with it is awesome and their voices go together really well.

9. Aurora dancing with the prince


Because who doesn’t want to dance with someone they just met in the forest?

This is one of my favourite scenes and songs. It’s classical and sweet. And the way this scene ends, with Aurora’s sass, is just priceless.

“When can I see you again?”

“Oh, never!”

10. George sees Meg


I think we can all agree that Paperman is a super cute short movie. The way George and Meg meet each other and then see each other again. The way George tries to get her attention. There aren’t any words, but if you haven’t seen this 5 minute movie, then I suggest you do!

11. Giselle dancing with Robert


This is basically the scene when they realise they love each other. I feel like it’s a bit of a cliché – but a good cliche, because it makes it that bit sweeter. When Robert starts singing to her, makes me swoon! Plus, did I mention Patrick Dempsey plays Robert?!?!

12. Tarzan exploring with Jane


Basically, the scene when he realises he may have a little crush on Jane. He shows her awesome places in the jungle – who wouldn’t want to go see cute animals, though?! It’s also a simply visually stunning scene.

13. Prince Eric waking up and seeing Ariel


He wakes up and sees the girl who rescued him singing to him, and he falls for her! It’s so sweet and innocent. I also love his dedication to trying to find ‘the girl with the voice’.

14. Ray pining for Evangeline


Everything about this scene is romantic! The song, Tiana and Naveen dancing… Everything. It’s also visually stunning, and reminds me of the boat scene in Tangled, in a way.

15. Blue finds Red


This short film is so creative and sad. And romantic, of course. That’s saying a lot, considering it’s about umbrellas. But it’s really sweet and definitely worth the watch.

16. Hercules choosing Meg

06- Hércules y Megara.jpg

What a guy! He gave up an awesome life with his parents and the other Gods, just for her. How sweet!

17. Carl and Ellie


I don’t need to say any more than this. They are the embodiment of true love!

18. Pongo and Perdita’s wedding


And, last but definitely not least, this wedding! It makes it that much more romantic when animals are involved, doesn’t it?


I hope you liked this post! Let me know if there’s any romantic scenes that you thought should have been included 🙂


(I do not own any of these images, they belong to Disney)


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