Why Disney means a lot to me

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional” – Walt Disney.

Disney is a big part of my life; it’s basically part of my personality now. I love it with a passion. I remember a few years ago, someone told me “it was just a phase”; it really looks like it’s a phase, doesn’t it? Like Harry Potter, I don’t think Disney will ‘go out of style’. It’s timeless. I think that everyone has their own reasons for having a passion for certain things, so here are the reasons I love Disney.

I have a lot of amazing memories with Disney; I grew up with it, so it’s a big part of my childhood. It’s still a big part of my life, really. As a child, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Disneyland Paris and Disneyworld in Florida. My favourite memory is when I was quite little, about seven or eight, and I was in a pushchair because I was feeling ill and I wasn’t good with the sun back then. I’m still not that good with the sun; I have fair hair and pale skin, and so I burn very easily. Anyway, the adorable Chip ‘n’ Dale saw me, and one decided to sit on my lap, and the other ran off with the pushchair. What did my parents do? They laughed and took photos. I laughed as well. What did my sister do? Well, she wasn’t having any of it; she ran after them, shouting “GIVE ME BACK MY SISTER!!” Classic family holiday memories. I was able to return to Disneyland Paris about four years ago on a school trip with my school. So, I also have amazing memories there with some of my favourite teachers, my friends, and, even my sister went as well.

Speaking of Disneyland and Disneyworld; the castles are just breathtaking! Whenever I see a photo of it, I’m just shocked by how stunning it is. The firework display is something that’s even more spectacular. The colours and beauty of the fireworks surrounding the castle is amazing and memorable. I still remember seeing it a load of times, myself.

Another memory I have with Disney, that isn’t associated with Disneyland/Disneyworld, is my May Ball (Prom). My dress and hairstyle was slightly inspired by Rapunzel, with my dress being a lilac sort of colour, and my hair being curled, with part of it put into a plait. When I arrived, one of my teachers exclaimed “there’s my Disney princess!”, which honestly made my night. At least, I thought it did; later that night, when the awards were being called out, I won the “Most Likely to be a Disney Princess Award”. I even had a little trophy. It’s still my proudest moment to date. Yes, that does mean I am prouder of that moment than I am with being accepted in University.


β€œYou’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway”. -Walt Disney. I think Disney truly helps release everyone’s ‘inner child’. The movies are for everyone, and everyone can relate to them in some kind of way; even if it’s about a bloody alien. No matter what, there will always be that one movie that can excite someone, and even just thinking about it will make them happy. There’s even merchandise available for everyone. And the best part? No one will judge you for how much you like Disney, because, chances are, pretty much everyone is a Disney fan. That’s why there are adult jokes in most Disney movies; everyone takes part in the magic.

The messages that the movies give are simply amazing. They always tell you to be a good person, care for others (including animals), don’t judge people based on appearances. The messages are often different but always good. There’s Tangled telling you to chase your dreams, Frozen telling you that family is important, and Peter Pan telling you not to grow up. Because once you’re grown up, you can never come back. All good messages.

Walt Disney himself is also a pretty good reason to love Disney. I don’t know him personally, but I do know that he was humble, creative and loving. He never lost sight of what’s important, and wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces. Walt Disney is a true inspiration.

And Mickey Mouse! It all started with a mouse, and this mouse has managed to sneak his way into everyone’s hearts.

The soundtracks are beautiful. Whenever I hear a Disney song, I just want to sing along with it. There’s a song for every mood and it is almost impossible to not cheer up after hearing them. You also get a sense of nostalgia when classic soundtracks are played, and I think that’s just awesome and beautiful.

Not only are the soundtracks amazing, but the animation is, as well. From the classics to the more modern films, they are all equally stunning. The amount of detail and dedication the animators put into their films are astonishing. You can really tell how much effort and pride they put into these films. The fact that they even put the time and effort into making bloopers for some movies just makes me giggle; they truly care about making the audience laugh! Even the ‘Easter Eggs’ they add into their movies are awesome, and it’s such a clever idea.


So, there are my reasons for loving Disney. Comment why you love Disney too! πŸ˜€


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