“Tangled” movie review

This is easily one of my favourite films of all time. So after one of my friends who STILL hasn’t watched it, I knew that this was the film to review next.

Released back in 2010, Tangled follows the fairytale of Rapunzel. It’s not exactly the Brother’s Grimm version. This take on Rapunzel is much more ‘friendlier’ for children, and may be a bit easier for them to follow. It is much like the classic Disney films with the opening sequence, which can bring back some nostalgic memories.

The animation throughout is stunning. There is so much detail put into everything. The colours used help set the emotions with each scene, which also helps add to the excitement.

Disney truly put a lot of effort into this soundtrack. Every song is so catchy and beautiful. It’s impossible to not sing a long.ย Feeling like a kid again when you watch this film, you will feel giddy with excitement, with the help of the songs. They’re all so upbeat, even the ‘villain song’, which is ingenious.

One of my favourite things is that you can slowly see the romance between Rapunzel and Eugene (AKA Flynn) slowly grow. Eugene first says “we’ll part ways as unlikely friends” to telling Rapunzel, “you were my new dream.” It’s so sweet and innocent, truly making it that bit more realistic.



The boat scene, where they sing the traditional love song, is amazing. The lighting, the song lyrics, the actions…. Perfect! Like I said, their relationship is very sweet and innocent, and natural.

Rapunzel is the perfect Disney princess. She’s so cute and classy, and a little bit sassy. Her friendship with her animal sidekick Pascal (and Maximus), is precious. She really does care about animals.

Every princess needs her prince, and Eugene is the perfect guy for our dear Rapunzel. He is a total badass, sarcastic, and, for an animation, he’s pretty hot. The facial hair thing he has going on is just awesome.

Mother Gothel is the perfect villain for this movie. By being an embodiment of a crime that happens more often than not – kidnapping – she is truly haunting. Her subtle verbal abuse and reverse psychology towards Rapunzel throughout the film is kind of ingenious. Also, can we talk about how sassy she is? This film is actually full of sass, I love it.



*SLIGHT SPOILER!*ย However, the only tiny problem I have with this film is quite morbid.ย When one of the characters get stabbed, there’s no blood on the weapon. Where did it go? I know it’s probably because a lot of children will be watching it. But it’s only blood. It just makes it more realistic. *END OF SPOILER!*

This fun, action packed musical is fun for all the family, and everyone else. The humour is appropriate for all ages, and there are some things which adults may find more humorous than kids, and vice versa. It’s enjoyable and easy to sing a long to. The characters are so easy to fall in love with. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you do! You’re missing out on so much if you haven’t!



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