Upcoming live-action Disney movies!

In recent years, Disney has been mad for their live-action movies. They’re becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder that they’re so loved; they choose an amazing cast and can sometimes provide more detail to their stories. Here is a list of their live-action movies that will be released over the next few years.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


image via Disney

Johnny Depp is back as Captain Jack Sparrow this Summer, and it’s about time! Growing up, these were some of my favourite movies and still are. I had the biggest crush on Jack Sparrow – sorry, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow – when I was little, and still do. He’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see my favourite actor as one of my favourite characters on the big screen again.



image via movieweb

Based on the animated classic and the hero herself, this live-action remake is set to be released in November, 2018. I think this will be very interesting to see, and, of course it will be exciting to see the action and costumes! I’m very excited for this as it was one of my favourite animations when I was growing up (and still is – but, let’s be honest, I’m probably going to say this about almost every Disney film).

The Lion King


image via Disney

This will be directed by Jon Favreau, whom directed the box office hit The Jungle Book (2016). After the success of The Jungle Book, I think this will be very interesting to see, especially since the CGI effects in that film were outstanding and so realistic.



Based on the animated classic, this live-action remake will be directed by Tim Burton, who directed 2010’s Alice in Wonderland live-action remake. I’m not entirely sure if I would watch this film, because I still can’t watch the animation without turning into a sobbing mess. It traumatized my childhood and is probably the main reason I turned against circuses at such a young age. But I would just have to just judge from the trailer as to whether I’d watch it. Hopefully Tim Burton won’t make it too hard to watch.

The Sword in the Stone


image via Disney

Again, this will be based on the animated classic, and will be written by Bryan Cogman. Cogman is quite well-known for writing multiple episodes of the successful TV series Game of Thrones. It will be interesting to see how Cogman writes this classic, so I’m definitely looking forward to it. It’s such an underrated film!

Prince Charming


image via Disney

This live-action film will offer us a comedic glimpse to the archetype ‘Prince Charming.’ A live-action film like this is quite intriguing; you don’t really know what to expect since Disney hasn’t really made anything like this. But after InTo The Woods, I feel like the prince might be like the two prince’s in that film; humorous, vain, and full of singing. Come on, the ‘Agony’ scene is priceless! Or, it could be like Gaston orΒ Shrek’s Prince Charming; the same as those from InTo The Woods, but more of a villain.



image via Disney

Yep, that’s right, The Genie from Aladdin will be having his own movie! This will be a prequel to Aladdin, but all about Genies, or maybe The Genie himself. The storyline to this seems like it will be quite engaging; it could be about how Genies ‘started’ or how the Genie from Aladdin became a genie.



image via Disney

You can’t make a prequel to Aladdin without having a live-action of Aladdin as well! This will be directed by Guy Ritchie who is known for directing Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I can’t wait to see who will be in this movie! But hopefully they’ll keep Jafar and Iago’s humour.



image via Disney

This live-action remake will, I’m assuming, be similar to Maleficent. An origin story about the villain, making them seem more ‘human.’ Though, I’m not exactly sure how you can make someone who wants to wear fur and kill 101 puppies can be made to seem human like. Cruella will be played by Emma Stone, and I’m hoping they’ll have at least one song in there because her voice is so beautiful!

Winnie the Pooh


image via Disney

I’m so excited to hear about this! I think almost everyone has grown up watching Winnie the Pooh, so this will definitely be quite an emotional and nostalgic film. This will be about Christopher Robin as an adult, returning to the Hundred Acre Wood to meet up with his childhood companions. So, yeah, I can definitely see myself shedding a tear or ten.

The Little Mermaid


image via Disney

This is definitely something to look forward to, especially since Universal is planning a live-action remake as well; so it’ll be fascinating to see whose is better. I really hope they keep the songs, though, because they’re amazing.

Peter Pan


image via Disney

This will be based on the animated classic. However, I’m not as excited for this as I am for the other live-actions because there’s been so many made already. Hopefully this will be just as successful, though!

Tinker Bell


image via Disney

I am looking forward to this so much! It’s about time she had her own spin-off movie. Tinker Bell has always been one of my favourite characters and always will be; she’s so sassy, cute and funny! Reese Witherspoon will also be starring in this which makes it even better.

James and the Giant Peach


This is rumoured to be made into a live-action as well. It would be based on the book by Roald Dahl, so it would be quite interesting to see how it turns out. I can’t comment on this too much because I haven’t seen it…. oops xD



image via Disney

Loosely based on the original animated film, this will be an exciting live-action remake to see. There’s so much action and magic in this film, that it’ll be so interesting to see how they decide to do it all. And Jimney Cricket is the cutest!!

The Jungle Book 2

maxresdefault (1).jpg

image via Disney

We should be expecting a sequel to the live-action remake of The Jungle Book! I feel like this will be so awesome, since the first film was outstanding. I’m not exactly sure what to expect with this film, but I feel like we may see more of the ‘Man Village.’ Or it could be like the animated sequel – Shere Khan having revenge?

Maleficent 2


image via Disney

Yes, we will also be having a sequel to this beauty! (See what I did there??) I have no idea what to expect from this movie – maybe Aurora’s wedding, maybe Maleficent cursing other babies, who knows?



image via Disney

This is quite unexpected as the film or the character aren’t very popular, unfortunately. But this will be quite compelling, as we don’t learn much about him in Fantasia, so this could be similar to the Maleficent live-action; Disney could humanize Chernabog as well.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


I’m definitely looking forward to this live-action, because I was quite disappointed in Snow White and The Huntsman (thanks, Kristen Stewart). So hopefully this will be better! The people who wrote the songs in the hugely successful La La Land will be writing the songs for this as well. I haven’t seen La La Land yet but from the reviews and clips from the trailers have shown me, the songs are amazing, so without a doubt, the songs for this will be too!

Rose Red


Last but not least, Disney will be releasing a spin-off of Snow White as well. This live-action will be focusing on Snow White’s sister as she attempts to rescue Snow White after she eats the poison apple. Now I didn’t know that Snow White had a sister, so I’m already intrigued as to what happens in this movie; where Snow White’s prince is, who her sister is, if the Seven Dwarfs are there a lot and if she kills the Evil Queen.


So there are all of the upcoming live-action Disney movies. There are so many to look forward to, but hopefully they’ll keep making them after all of these. Disney never disappoints me, so my expectations are very high for these movies πŸ˜‰


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