Disney Summer Themed Movies

To embrace the Summer months, delve into the magical world of Disney and stay indoors, watching their movies!


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Here a few Disney movies with a summer vibe:


Camp Rock 1 and 2


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Camp Rock is a movie about a summer camp for aspiring musicians. It’s full of awesome songs, summer romance, drama and sass.

Teen Beach Movie 1 and 2


image via Disney Channel

This slightly cringey and cliché movie is about two teenagers that get trapped in a movie. The just as cliche sequel is about the characters from the movie coming to our reality. They’re still a good watch, nevertheless. Set in the summer time, mainly on the beach, these movies have addictive songs and a fun narrative.

High School Musical 2


image via subwaymouse.com

Unfortunately, it’s only the second movie that has that special summer vibe. Possibly one of the best Disney Channel Original Movie’s, the sequel follows the loveable characters as they get summer jobs and start thinking about their future.

With awesome songs, a good narrative, summer romance, drama and an amazing cast, this is a must watch during the summer months! Plus, ZAC EFRON!!!!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie


image via The Odyssey Online

Eponymous character Lizzie McGuire and her class mates go on a school trip to Rome during the summer break. During that time she meets a famous singer, and things get interesting.

This is a classic Disney Channel Original Movie and is pretty underrated. It has a classic narrative and good humour.

The Little Mermaid


image via Disney

This is a classic Disney movie! It’s main setting is the ocean/beach, it has romance and iconic musical numbers. A perfect summer movie.

A Goofy Movie


image via ohmy.disney

Goofy and his son, Max, go on a road trip together during his summer break. With father-son conflict and drama, this movie is sure to have you both laughing your socks off and feeling emotional. It has great musical numbers, humour and nostalgia.

Frozen Fever


image via Pinterest

Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven plan a special birthday celebration for Anna, but when Elsa gets a cold, things don’t exactly go to plan.

This Disney short film is so cute and shows a special bond between sisters!



image via Disney

This new Disney princess film is full of adventures across the sea, showing just how far she’ll go.

It’s fun, with crazy addictive songs, it’s new, and full of humour with beautiful scenery. Plus, Dwayne Johnson!

The Pirates of the Caribbean series


image via Disney

The film series that also has adventures across the seas will always have you on the edge of your seat. It’s action packed, with drama, romance, sarcasm and, again, beautiful scenery. My bae Johnny Depp is also in it, so how can you go wrong?!

A Bug’s Life


image via Disney

This Pixar film is about ants that get bullied by grass hoppers. It’s set in the summer months, and has that classic, nostalgic Disney Pixar storyline and character types. You can’t help but love this film.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers


image via Disney

Mickey, Donald and Goofy take on the roles of the classic Three Musketeers. Pete hires them to protect Princess Minnie,  believing it will make it easier for him to take over the throne. Minnie falls for Mickey, and soon they see through Pete’s plans.

This light-hearted film brings back a lot of nostalgic memories and makes you feel like a kid again.

Cinderella/Cinderella (2015)


image via Disney

Based on the classic fairytale, these two are a mandatory for summer. They’re filled with romance, musical numbers and leave you with a good message.

Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent


image via Disney

Also based on the classic fairytale, this is a timeless movie that has to be watched during summer. It’s main setting is the forest, the musical numbers are amazing, and the drawings are simply stunning.

Maleficent is also based on the original fairytale, but looks at Maleficents side of the story more. Slightly feminist, this movie is quite empowering and is also mainly set in the forest. While this keeps the magic, it doesn’t have musical numbers.

Beauty and The Beast/Beauty and The Beast (2017)


image via Disney

This sweet. inspirational tale is beautiful. They leave you with an important message, has great musical numbers and beautiful scenery. Plus, the like Moana, the live-action Beauty and The Beast is new, so you’ll have something ‘fresh’ to watch over summer.



image via Disney

When will my life begin? Right after you watch this movie, that’s when. Based on the fairytale Rapunzel, this movie contains complete savage sarcasm, humour, beautiful scenery’s and it has romance. It also leaves you with a good message and is quite empowering since Rapunzel and Eugene save each other.



image via Imgur

Okay, so yes, this is technically a Spring movie, but it’s close enough! It has cute, fluffy animals, romance, cute songs and teaches kids that hunting is wrong. It’s amazing!



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