Life Lessons to learn from Tangled

Tangled, the movie that everyone loves, is full of important life lessons. Like every other Disney movie, each character teaches a different lesson. And watching this film over and over again, I have taken notice of a new lesson each time. Here are some of the lessons I learnt from this beautiful movie;

Take a step out of your comfort zone


image via Disney

If Rapunzel didn’t have the courage to step out of her tower, she wouldn’t have achieved her dreams, found out who she is, and she wouldn’t have had her amazing adventure either. Plus, she wouldn’t have pulled Eugene. So, stepping out of your comfort zone (or tower) is always a good idea.

Don’t believe in everything you’re told


image via Disney

Gothel continuously lied to Rapunzel about her life and the outside world. While the world is indeed dangerous, she exaggerated the facts and lied about being her mother, and what society is like. If Rapunzel hadn’t had learnt the truth, she wouldn’t have had her happily ever after.

It’s easy for people to lie and make you believe in silly things, so make sure you know what’s up.

Animals make the best friends


image via Disney

Pascal and Maximus both helped Eugene and Rapunzel. Without them, they wouldn’t have been able to have seen the floating lanterns gleam. Plus, their sass is fabulous!

Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!


image via tumblr

Admit it: you had a crush on Eugene straight away and still do to this day. With his romantic gestures, humour and super-human good looks, what’s not to like? It’s not exactly a life lesson, but it’s still a fact of life.

Things aren’t always what they seem

maxresdefault (2)

image via Disney

At first, because of Gothel, Rapunzel thought that the world was dark and selfish, and cruel. If it found even the slightest ray of sunlight, it destroys it. The guys at The Snuggly Duckling seemed like ruffians and thugs at first, but they turned out to be sweet. So, even though there are horrible people in the world, there’s so much more good in it than bad.

Keep doing your hobbies


image via Disney

Rapunzel loved to paint, read and watch the floating lanterns gleam. Maybe if she gave up her hobbies, she wouldn’t have had her adventure or found out who she is. Keep doing your hobbies and you could just very well change your life!

Life is full of those perfect moments


image via Disney

Just live in the moment and notice them.

Your dreams are possible!


image via Disney

(With exceptions). Do you think that Rapunzel would have her happily ever after if she gave up on her dream? Heck, no! Keep chasing your dreams and then go find new dreams.

It’s okay to miss home


image via tumblr

This is probably one of the most relatable lessons in Tangled. When Rapunzel leaves her tower, she practically has a mental breakdown. Eventually, we will all leave our homes and move on to possibly bigger and better things. It’s okay to miss your home and where you came from.

All good things to those who wait


image via Disney

You may not like Gothel, but she was pretty wise and some things she said were kind of true. So, be patient and things will work out in the end.

BONUS LESSON: They’ll never get your nose right


image via Disney

Eugene, sweetheart, I’m so sorry. You didn’t deserve that.


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