Best Disney Animal Sidekicks

Each and every heroine in any movie needs a sidekick; they wouldn’t be anywhere without them. The sidekicks are also usually the ones who have the best humour and sarcastic comments ever. But, we all know that the animal sidekicks are the best ones Disney has to offer. Here are my favourite animal sidekicks (in no particular order);

Zazu – The Lion King


image via tumblr

As a child, I thought Zazu was kind of boring, annoying and too serious – he was always ruining Simba and Nala’s fun and did what he was told. Why didn’t he bend the rules and have some fun? Well, Younger Sharlene, he was doing his job and Simba (and Nala) would probably be dead if he didn’t do so. Plus, Zazu is pretty awesome since he knows It’s a Small World!

Jack The Monkey – Pirates of the Caribbean


image via

Jack The Monkey is the cutest thing ever! He’s also pretty loyal to Captain Barbossa and he rocks that little pirate outfit.

Iago – Aladdin


image via YouTube

Even though Iago was a villain in the first Aladdin film, he proved himself to be a better parrot in the other films. He has loyalty, sarcasm, humour and groovy moves which we all love.

Timon and Pumba – The Lion King


image via Disney

Timon and Pumba are probably one of the best Disney sidekicks ever. They taught us the meaning of ‘Hakuna Matata,’ had great banter with each other and are quite an unusual pairing.

Nick Wilde – Zootropolis


image via Disney

Nick is probably my favourite character in this film. Besides from being weirdly ‘attractive,’ he teaches us about prejudice, slight trauma and bullying from a personal point of view. Just like Judy Hopps does. He has such a dramatic character change, that, like Judy, he’s actually quite inspiring. And besides from not wanting to help Judy with the case (at first), he puts a lot of effort in it. Plus, he’s almost like a modern Robin Hood??

Little John – Robin Hood


image via

Speaking of Robin Hood, his best friend, Little John, is awesome. He supports Robin, goes along with his crazy plans… But Robin wouldn’t be anywhere without Little John.

Mushu – Mulan


image via blogspot

He’s a sassy dragon!! He’s so cool!

Maximus – Tangled


image via Disney

This cutie puts all of his loyalty as a Palace Horse aside to let Rapunzel enjoy her birthday with Eugene. He then helps Eugene save the day. Impressive!

Sven – Frozen


image via

Like Maximus, Sven helps Kristoff save the day. He makes Kristoff realise he loves Anna and then takes him to her. Sven is also like a little, excited puppy, always playing and having fun.

Thumper – Bambi


image via Giphy

When they were little, Thumper let Bambi join in their games and taught him different things, like how to say certain words and how to ice skate. And they’re still friends when they’re older. True friendship!

Pascal – Tangled


image via

For years, Pascal kept Rapunzel kept company. He played games with her, let her dress him up, baked with her, stretched with her. And when she finally took the risk to go outside, he supported her. He even tried to defend her from Gothel by tugging on her dress. Pascal is a true best friend!

Baloo – The Jungle Book


image via

This cute bear taught us The Bare Necessities and had us singing it for years.

Sebastian – The Little Mermaid


image via Disney

Despite causing some problems for Ariel, he truly had her best interest and safety at heart. Sebastian even took on a chef; he’s one tough cookie!

Sgt. Tibbs – 101 Dalmatians

maxresdefault (1).jpg

image via YouTube

Anyone who can rescue that many puppies is a legend! But, poor Sgt. Tibbs is SO underrated!

Terk – Tarzan


image via Oh My Disney

Everyone needs a friend like Terk; he includes Tarzan in things, helps him out, supports him and he has a great taste in music. And like almost every other Disney sidekick, he has the best humour.

Bagheera – The Jungle Book


image via

Throughout the film, Bagheera had Mowgli’s safety at the forefront of his mind. He was determined to keep him safe and sound. Bagheera is such a cutie.

Rutt and Tuke – Brother Bear


image via Disney Wiki

Rutt and Tuke’s relationship is so cute and is actually goals! They’re very loyal, humorous and sweet. Everyone needs to have friends like these two!

Jiminy Cricket – Pinocchio


image via Oh My Disney

This little cutie is always looking out for Pinocchio. He teaches him (and us) valuable lessons as well as catchy songs. With Jiminy’s help, Pinocchio finds happiness and becomes a real boy.

Gus and Jaq – Cinderella


image via Disney Wiki

These two tiny mice help Cinderella a lot. Thanks to Jaq’s idea, they make Cinderella’s dress and they bring Cinderella the key to free her. In the other Cinderella films, they are still there to help her. They’re so loyal! (The ‘At The Ball’ song they say is my personal favourite scene of theirs).

Timothy Q Mouse – Dumbo


image via

Another mouse to add on to the list! Timothy Q Mouse supports Dumbo through his hard life so much. With Dumbo being so young, vulnerable, and shy, he really needed Timothy Q Mouse’s help. And it was definitely appreciated.

Meeko and Flit – Pocahontas


image via Fanpop

These two put together are classic. They add a lot of fun to the dramatic movie and, without these, Pocahontas would have found her journey a lot more difficult.

Pegagsus – Hercules


image via FanPop

Pegasus is a flying horse!! He’s freakin’ amazing!!!

As well as that, Pegasus is also very loyal and smart. Just the type of horse that everyone wants.

Flounder – The Little Mermaid


image via Disney

And, last but not least, is Flounder. Even though he gets scared, he still explores with Ariel, and defends her when she’s in trouble. In the films following The Little Mermaid, he’s just as supportive. He’s the type of friend that everyone needs! Plus, Flounder made a special little cameo in Moana – watch the ‘You’re Welcome’ scene very carefully 😉



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