Creepy Origins of Disney Movies

One of the things I love about Disney is the origin of the classics. It’s so interesting to see how much they differ from how Disney sells it. Some are so creepy and shocking, that it’s hard to not become intrigued with them. I was going to write and post this for Halloween, but I couldn’t wait – I was so excited to do this when I thought of the idea! Maybe I’ll post some more origins of other Disney movies for Halloween, though.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


In the first full length animated movie from Disney, Snow is driven from her home and is taken in by the seven dwarfs. The Evil Queen finds her, gives her a poisonous apple and Snow is put into a deep, unawakened sleep. But, she soon wakes up after a true loves kiss from her prince and lives happily ever after.

The original, from Grimms Fairy Tales, shows a much darker side to Snow; here, she wants revenge. She invites the queen to her wedding and makes her dance in a hot pair of iron shoes until she falls to her death.



image via Disney

Disney shows us an adorable, loveable puppet whose nose grows every time he lies. In the end, after a lot of struggles, he turns into a real boy.

However, in the original, which is from a novel called, ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ by Carlo Collodi, we see a much different side to the puppet. He murders Jiminey Cricket and Jipetto goes to jail for negligence. Jipetto was going to sell his coat for Pinocchio to go to school, but Pinocchio gets there first and sells it for theatre tickets. Pinocchio keeps doing mean things until the end, where the story’s fox and cat hang Pinocchio from a tree to die.



image via Disney

Disney’s version of this fairytale has Cinderella and her Prince live happily ever after. The animation has her Step-Mother and Step-Sisters stay in the house and do the chores themselves, while the live-action version has them banished from the kingdom.

However, the original is quite different. From Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Cinderella and her Prince still live happily ever after. But her Step-Sisters have a gruesome ending. When the Prince is looking for ‘The One Who Fits The Shoe,’ one Step-Sister cuts off her toe and the other cuts off her heel to be able to fit the shoe. Also, in this version, there is no Step-Mother; her father is there but simply always sides with her Step-Sisters.

The Fox and The Hound


image via tumblr

Within Disney’s version, we see a heartbreaking story of a fox and a hound that simply can’t be friends. After a lot of dramatic events, Tod lives in the forest with Vixey and Copper lives in the cottage with his owner (Chief) and Widow Tweed

Unfortunately, the original – ‘The Fox and The Hound’ by Daniel P. Mannix – is even more heartbreaking. Tod accidentally kills one of Copper’s owners favourite dogs, so Copper’s owner seeks revenge on Tod and so sends Copper after him. Copper chases Tod until Tod dies of exhaustion. Then, Copper’s owner ends up in a nursing home and shoots Copper with a shotgun.

The Little Mermaid


image via Disney

In Disney’s version, Ariel turns into a human and lives happily ever after with Eric.

The Grimm’s Fairy Tale version shows a mermaid that has also always wanted to be a human to get a boy. But, in this version, she also wanted to be a human in order to get in to heaven, because mermaids couldn’t go to heaven. She had the Evil Sea Witch to split her fins, which caused a lot of pain. She was then washed up on shore where the prince found her; but instead of helping her, he laughed at her because she flopped around (kind of like a fish). The deal with The Sea Witch was that if she got the prince to fall in love with her, some of his soul would be breathed into her and she would be able to get into heaven. If she failed, she’d turn into sea-foam. Unfortunately, she did fail but instead of turning in to sea foam, she became a daughter of air, and if she did enough good deeds in life, she’d go into heaven.


So all of these Disney movie origins are pretty sad and creepy. I think The Fox and The Hound is the most heartbreaking out of these because it’s so realistic. Thankfully, Disney didn’t stick to it so much!

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