Lessons to learn from Disney Villains

The villains of Disney really do give us lessons to learn and truly think about. They make mistakes which cost them. Here are some important lessons to learn from them.

In life, you must always be sarcastic and sassy


image via Disney

Disney villains always provide us with humorous comments which makes them loveable. Even when they’re in a bad situation and something goes wrong, they always make a joke.

Overcome sibling rivalry


image via Disney

Don’t be a Hans. He’s one of the most hated villains because his sibling rivalry led him to try and kill Elsa and Anna, and take over their kingdom.

Don’t take advantage of your power


image via Disney

As soon as it does, either you do something bad and die, or you’ll be shouting “OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!” People want to keep their head. So, to keep your kingdom happy, let people keep their heads.

Be confident


image via Disney

Confidence, particularly confidence in yourself, is key.


Consent is key


image via Disney

Gaston probably would have avoided all of his disgrace… rejection… and public humiliation, if he hadn’t had arranged a suprise marriage.

Always have a plan B and C


image via Disney

Maleficent didn’t go down without a fight. She had a backup plan for everything the prince and fairies threw at her. She was still defeated, but she didn’t make it easy for them.

Be careful what you wish for


image via Disney

Jafar wished to be a genie and he got it – as well as an itty-bitty living space.

Never send a fool to do your job


image via Disney Wiki

If Hades had made Hercules mortal by himself, he would have done the job correctly. But, Fear and Panic messed it up, costing Hades his plans.

Above all, self-control


image via Disney

Self-control is the main thing to look out for. If Sharpay hadn’t had stepped up and carried on with the show, even though Tiara stole her role, she may not have had her chance to help out the drama department the next year. Plus, she would have missed out.


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