Lessons to Learn from Disney Princesses

Yesterday the new trailer for Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet was released. It was fun, exciting and completely different. There’s a bunch of Easter Eggs in it, and a whole scene dedicated to the Disney Princesses. How awesome is that?! They unite over feminism and the voice actresses that are still living, are voicing their princesses. I for one, can not wait. At all!



image via movieweb.com


So, with everyone excited about this exciting movie and completely different turn, let’s see what lessons we have learnt from our beloved princesses.

Your comfort zone was meant to be shattered.

If our princesses didn’t take risks and have an adventure, they wouldn’t have their character change or their happily ever after. Rapunzel left her tower, Moana went beyond the reef, Aurora spoke to her prince, Tiana worked her butt off. These girls are crazy inspiring.



image via themagicalworldof.com


Kindness is power.

None of them were cruel to anyone. They helped everyone and were kind. Karma acted, and they got kindness in return πŸ˜‰ Treat others as you wish to be treated and you’ll get what you need. Cinderella was kind to the mice, and they helped free her from the tower. Pocahontas was kind to her ‘enemies’ and ended a war.



image via disneyscreencaps.com



Simply having a dream isn’t enough.

You need to act on your dream and make it happen. It won’t just fall in to place; you need to be like Tiana and ‘work real hard each and every day!’



image via giphy.com


Live like there’s no tomorrow.

As if the clock is about to strike midnight. Life’s too short. Don’t wait around for Prince Charming πŸ˜‰ none of our princesses really waited for them either – they just came across them by chance. Apart from Elsa and Merida!



image via Pinterest

Don’t dismiss your family and friends.

Your family and friends are important and will always be there for you; don’t take them for granted. In Frozen, we can see that with Elsa and Anna. They had a tough life, made even harder through their lack of communication



image via Disney

Listen to your heart.

Follow your dreams and what you love. All of these girls did, and their lives changed for the better. ‘The voice inside is who you are.’



image via Disney

Don’t let others define you.

Why should someone else be able to tell you what you can and can’t achieve? What you can and can’t dream? They can’t; you’re the only one who knows your limits. But even then, you may shock yourself and be capable of much more than you thought. Ariel knew that she didn’t belong underwater, and where the people are, and she went there. Sure, at first she didn’t exactly do it the right way, with Ursula and the deal. But, she listened to her heart, didn’t let her misunderstanding father hold her back, and got her happily ever after. Even Tiana didn’t let others define her, with raising money for a restaurant. And she got that restaurant!



image via Pinterest

Never stop learning.

If they didn’t learn about life in general and their situation, their journey would be much more difficult. Knowledge is key. Belle continued to learn about the beast (or, Adam) and the enchanted castle. If she didn’t, she probably would have continued to be afraid of them. And Jasmine learnt about her kingdom and people by disguising herself as one. If she hadn’t had done that, she wouldn’t have met Aladdin or tasted the freedom that she craved.



image via Disney

Be open to new ideas.

Be open to new ideas and change your perspective. Perspective is also key! Don’t be afraid to change your mind. If Belle hadn’t had changed her perspective on Adam (with the help of love, of course), then she wouldn’t have fallen in love with him, broke the curse and changed the villagers view of him. She also read a lot even though the villagers didn’t exactly approve of it. Those books helped her become more adventurous, wanting much more than ‘this provincial life…’ Mulan also changed her appearance to save her father and China. Disney princesses are brave and fierce!



image via ohmydisney.com

There’s magic in you.

No question about it. Deep down, we’re all a Disney Princess; ‘where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness there is magic. Have courage and be kind.’ A quote I live by, which I think we should all live by.


image via post.com

Who’s your favourite Disney princess?


Have a magical day!









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