‘I Hate Myselfie’ by Shane Dawson review

I submitted this as part of my university course work. I’m quite pleased with it and received a great mark, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it too!

Shane Dawson is a YouTuber, comedian, and is now also an author. His new book, I Hate Myselfie, gives you a detailed insight to his life, and how he became the funny, caring man he is today.
Growing up, we are told the cliché, “your teen years will be the best years of your life.” I never truly bought that, and neither did Shane. His book is a collection of essays that tell us exactly why our teen years are memorable for all of the wrong reasons. The thought of an “essay” may seem daunting, but it is more of an autobiography, in a part script form. It really isn’t written as serious as it sounds.
I have been a fan of Shane Dawson for years because of his YouTube channel, and was so happy when my friend bought me his book for my birthday. I already had a feeling that it would be hilarious and entertaining. I finished reading it within two days which is very impressive for a slow reader, like myself! I laughed, cried and was “shook,” as Shane says.
Like his YouTube channels, filled with conspiracy theories, vlogs and messy food videos, Shane kept his stories empathetic and awkward, with dark humour. “I opened my eyes and what I saw wasn’t a haircut, it was a hair MASSACRE. It was a bed head if I slept on a bed of starving rats.” He has a je ne sais quoi about him. He knows when to add a joke and how to make it funny enough so that it doesn’t drag on and isn’t difficult to understand. When he makes references to shows or celebrities that were popular when he was growing up, he’d let you know that mainly people his age would understand it. You won’t feel stupid for not understanding it the first time you read it.
Each chapter is a different story, and are rather short. They range from his “two first kisses,” being the “original catfish,” to his Grandmother dying and almost going into a coma and dying himself. There is a nice variety between sad and entertaining stories. Reading it, you can really sympathise and understand him. He’s been through a lot and is so much more than just a “loud, outrageous, confident guy who acts like nothing bothers him and [he] has the whole world at his fingertips.” I’m also extremely insecure, so it was nice to read about someone else who is insecure, without them saying “but then I looked in the mirror, told myself I was pretty, and carried on with my day.” It isn’t that easy, come on!
Shane Dawson has recently released another collection of essays entitled, It Gets Worse and I’m so excited to get a copy and read it. If it’s anything like I Hate Myselfie, I will not be disappointed at all.
Whilst this is mainly aimed at his fans, I would also recommend it for anyone simply looking for a light, comedic read. I can guarantee that you’ll love it as much as I did.


Thanks for reading. Have a magical day!


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