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5 Reasons To Watch The New Pirates of the Caribbean

The new film in the franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar’s Revenge, is the perfect way to reboot the franchise. It has the same humour, is slightly nostalgic and has lots of action. I loved every minute of it! So, here are the top five reasons to watch this beauty;

Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow

image via tumblr

The first reason obviously has to be this god! He’s beautiful, funny, sarcastic, care-free, and stylish. No Pirates of the Caribbean¬†film would be complete without this man and his iconic character.

Will Turner and Elizabeth Turner

image via Disney

Although this was kind of obvious, you do see these beloved characters again! And, yes, it is low-key emotional! It was so amazing to see these characters back in the films, even if it was for a short amount of time, because it reminds you of why you loved them.

The Black Pearl

image via Screen Rant

Speaking of seeing old characters, The Black Pearl makes an appearance! I felt like a kid in a toy store when I saw this ship in the movie; you’re instantly reminded of the fuss about this ship. It’s so exciting.


image via digitalspyuk

With the new character, Carina Smyth, a slightly wider perspective on the role of women in that day and age is provided. And Carina Smyth is sassy, smart, cute, and fits in perfectly. However, my favourite bit about this character was the misinterpretation of what a “horologist” was; “my mother was a horologist too but she didn’t go shouting about it!”

The Adventure

image via tumblr

As always, the adventure and story in the Pirates film is always exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There’s a lot to focus and think about. With new characters and more information on Captain Jack’s past, everything is fresh and new.

If you haven’t seen the new Pirates film yet, hopefully these reasons will encourage you to see it ASAP!

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Creepy Origins of Disney Movies

One of the things I love about Disney is the origin of the classics. It’s so interesting to see how much they differ from how Disney sells it. Some are so creepy and shocking, that it’s hard to not become intrigued with them. I was going to write and post this for Halloween, but I couldn’t wait – I was so excited to do this when I thought of the idea! Maybe I’ll post some more origins of other Disney movies for Halloween, though.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


In the first full length animated movie from Disney, Snow is driven from her home and is taken in by the seven dwarfs. The Evil Queen finds her, gives her a poisonous apple and Snow is put into a deep, unawakened sleep. But, she soon wakes up after a true loves kiss from her prince and lives happily ever after.

The original, from Grimms Fairy Tales, shows a much darker side to Snow; here, she wants revenge. She invites the queen to her wedding and makes her dance in a hot pair of iron shoes until she falls to her death.


image via Disney

Disney shows us an adorable, loveable puppet whose nose grows every time he lies. In the end, after a lot of struggles, he turns into a real boy.

However, in the original, which is from a novel called, ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ by Carlo Collodi, we see a much different side to the puppet. He murders Jiminey Cricket and Jipetto goes to jail for negligence. Jipetto was going to sell his coat for Pinocchio to go to school, but Pinocchio gets there first and sells it for theatre tickets. Pinocchio keeps doing mean things until the end, where the story’s fox and cat hang Pinocchio from a tree to die.


image via Disney

Disney’s version of this fairytale has Cinderella and her Prince live happily ever after. The animation has her Step-Mother and Step-Sisters stay in the house and do the chores themselves, while the live-action version has them banished from the kingdom.

However, the original is quite different. From Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Cinderella and her Prince still live happily ever after. But her Step-Sisters have a gruesome ending. When the Prince is looking for ‘The One Who Fits The Shoe,’ one Step-Sister cuts off her toe and the other cuts off her heel to be able to fit the shoe. Also, in this version, there is no Step-Mother; her father is there but simply always sides with her Step-Sisters.

The Fox and The Hound

image via tumblr

Within Disney’s version, we see a heartbreaking story of a fox and a hound that simply can’t be friends. After a lot of dramatic events, Tod lives in the forest with Vixey and Copper lives in the cottage with his owner (Chief) and Widow Tweed

Unfortunately, the original – ‘The Fox and The Hound’ by Daniel P. Mannix – is even more heartbreaking. Tod accidentally kills one of Copper’s owners favourite dogs, so Copper’s owner seeks revenge on Tod and so sends Copper after him. Copper chases Tod until Tod dies of exhaustion. Then, Copper’s owner ends up in a nursing home and shoots Copper with a shotgun.

The Little Mermaid

image via Disney

In Disney’s version, Ariel turns into a human and lives happily ever after with Eric.

The Grimm’s Fairy Tale version shows a mermaid that has also always wanted to be a human to get a boy. But, in this version, she also wanted to be a human in order to get in to heaven, because mermaids couldn’t go to heaven. She had the Evil Sea Witch to split her fins, which caused a lot of pain. She was then washed up on shore where the prince found her; but instead of helping her, he laughed at her because she flopped around (kind of like a fish). The deal with The Sea Witch was that if she got the prince to fall in love with her, some of his soul would be breathed into her and she would be able to get into heaven. If she failed, she’d turn into sea-foam. Unfortunately, she did fail but instead of turning in to sea foam, she became a daughter of air, and if she did enough good deeds in life, she’d go into heaven.


So all of these Disney movie origins are pretty sad and creepy. I think The Fox and The Hound is the most heartbreaking out of these because it’s so realistic. Thankfully, Disney didn’t stick to it so much!

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Disney Tag!

I was just looking through my feed and saw someone do this Disney tag (you can find that post here). It looked like such a fun tag to do, and is something I haven’t done before, so I just had to do it! So, let’s begin.

1 Favourite scene in a princess movie?

This is a tough question, but I think it’d either be the lantern scene in Tangled, the ballroom dance in Beauty and the Beast or the ‘Colours of the Wind’ scene in Pocahontas.

2 Last Disney movie you watched?

Inside Out

3 Is your family Disney obsessed?

My mother and sister are (but not as much as me).

4 How many times have you visited the Parks?

I think I’ve visited Disneyland Paris two or three times, and Walt Disney World Florida once.

5 Which is your favourite park?

Magic Kingdom!

6 Cinderella’s Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

While I prefer Sleeping Beauty’s Castle because it’s pink, I prefer Cinderella’s Castle for the vibe. So, I guess, maybe, both? Is that allowed?! #

7 Favourite animal-themed movie?

This is a tough question, and it doesn’t help that I sometimes find it hard to choose favourites! I think it’d have to be out of The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp and Zootropolis.

8 Would you get married or have your honeymoon in the parks?

YES! I’m not sure if I’d get married in the parks, but I’d definitely have my honeymoon there! Paris is¬†one of the best places to go on honeymoon, so why not go to Disneyland for a day… Or two…. Or more?

9 If you could date one of the characters, who would it be and why?

Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert! He’s so funny, sarcastic and attractive, and he’s such a big softie! Plus, that facial hair!

10 Favourite villain?

My favourite villain often changes between Gaston and Tamatoa.

Gaston, because in the animation and live-action, he’s so funny and sarcastic. He also has an amazing voice.

Tamatoa, because he’s so funny, and sassy. His song is so catchy as well, so how can you not love him?!

11 If you could have two characters from two different movies meet, who would they be and why?

I think I’d have Belle and Rapunzel meet; they’re both quite similar in the way that they both want adventure, they love to read and they’re animal friendly. They’d have the perfect book reading adventure together!

12 Have you ever met any of the characters at the Parks?

I’ve met so many characters when I’ve been, that I can’t remember them all, but I’ve had a photograph and autograph from each one every time! I’m hoping to go again one day to meet the characters that weren’t there when I last went.

13 Favourite live-action Disney movie?

I’m assuming this means from the live-action remakes, so it has to be between Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Both were everything I was hoping for and more! I love them. I’ll have to watch them both again, to make a final decision, though.

14 Mickey or Minnie?


15 Which Disney movie is overrated?

Even though I love this movie and the sentiment  I have behind it (I watched it for my 16th), I think Frozen was a bit overrated. There was as much fuss over it as there are over minions!

(I’m so sorry, Frozen and minions, I still love you!)

16 Favourite Pixar movie?

Either Ratatouille Finding Nemo/Dory or The Incredibles!

17 Favourite sidekick?

Right now, it’s Timon and Pumbaa (yes, they do count as one).

18 Favourite Disney movie?

This is the WORST question ever! It’s too hard!

But, right now, my favourites are Tangled, Aladdin, Lilo and Stitch, Ratatouille, High School Musical trilogy, Monsters Inc. Finding Dory, Cinderella, Moana and Beauty and the Beast!


I hope you all liked this post! Yes, I know I’m the worst at deciding my favourite things when it comes to Disney. But hey, what can ya do? Disney is life! So, why not try this tag yourself?

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‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur book review

Rupi Kaur’s ‘milk and honey’ is a poetry book about life. Each chapter is about a different part of life; hurting, loving, breaking and healing. With every other page having a drawing on it, the poems are beautiful and inspirational.

Each poem is very deep and truly makes you think about life with a different perspective. It involves love, trauma, abuse, loss, healing and femininity. There is bound to be some poems every person would find relatable and touching in some sort of way. They are beautiful. moving, and, some, simple. But all are effective.

With a strong, defined theme of femininity, most of these poems are definitely aimed at feminist, or, at least, the female gender. And this isn’t meant to offend men. But I don’t think most men would find certain poems very enjoyable or relatable. Here’s an example of one, just so you can see what I mean:

image via

Some men might like the poems like this, though. But it won’t be for everyone, not even every female will like the poems like this.

There are other poems which carry a deep meaning which aren’t as suggestive as that one, though. So there is something for everyone in this. Here’s an example of one, which has to be my favourite:

image via

I just love how true and realistic it is! Throughout the book there are more poems like this which I think more people need to read. More people need to realise how important this in (even me, I think).

I’m not a huge poetry lover, but lately, I have been. So this was definitely the perfect, quick read – it literally took me about 20 minutes to read, including time to Snapchat some of the poems. I highly recommend this, even if you’re not a fan of poetry!


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Disney Movies That Promote Animal Rights

Not so long ago, I wrote a post about the ways in which Disney promotes animal rights, in general. However, in that post, I didn’t get a chance to include every movie, without making the post too long or too ‘preachy.’ So, this will just be a quick run-down of some Disney films that promote animal rights in some sort of way.

Finding Nemo/ Finding Dory

These two films are great for promoting animal rights, more so the sequel than the original.

In Finding Nemo, we hear great things from the shark meeting. Their motto, ‘I am a shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change my image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food,’ is just priceless.

Then, in the sequel, Finding Dory, the animal rights and animal welfare message is much less subtle. There is a strong ‘anti-SeaWorld’ and anti-animal captivity message. It shows that none of the animals are happy being trapped in ridiculously small cages or being stared and poked at. They want respect, just like we do.

image via Disney

The Little Mermaid/The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

On the topic of sea life (not sea food), Sebastian literally fights for his life from the chef in both films. He does not want to be eaten and he’s making sure he won’t be!

image via Disney


This classic film shows the harsh reality of the circus life, for animals. It’s cruel, unfair and unjust. Poor Dumbo is bullied, taken away from his mother, forced to jump from an incredibly high ladder. He was even forced to wear humiliating costumes and makeup. All of the circus animals were tortured and terrified.

image via Disney

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

The whole Tinkerbell movie series is quite underrated. They are all funny, hold an interesting narrative, have quirky characters and they’re cute. But this movie in particular has a strong ‘animal welfare’ narrative.

Fawn, an ‘animal fairy,’ has just found the Neverbeast that is supposed (by legend) to be extremely dangerous. Everyone, apart from Fawn’s friends, including Tinkerbell, want it ‘sorted.’ But, following her heart, Fawn decide to study the animal instead of handing him in, even when it meant risking her own life. And, she was right; the Neverbeast wasn’t anything to be feared. He was just misunderstood.

image via

Pocahontas and Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World

In the first Pocahontas film, Pocahontas teaches John Smith to be more sincere, empathetic and compassionate to animals. In the song ‘Colours of the Wind,’ he points his gun to a bear, and she stops him. She proved that animals are friendly!

In the underrated sequel, Pocahontas goes to London to help settle things. While there, the King invites Pocahontas and John Rolfe (voiced by Billy Zane OMG!) and Ratcliffe arranges a show, involving a bear being tortured, or ‘baited.’ Pocahontas stops this and calls them out by saying, ‘your behaviour is savage. You and your people are the barbarians.’

image via


During this film, Professor Porter and his daughter, Jane, travel to study gorillas. Clayton accompanies them as their security. However, Clayton wanted to kill, kidnap and sell all of the gorillas; he had no compassion for them at all. There’s a reason he’s the bad guy! Tarzan, Jane, Proffessor Porter and the animals don’t let him get away with it.

image via The Mickey Mindset

101 Dalmatians

Everyone knows how sick Cruella DeVil is; wanting to kill innocent animals just for a coat! She does it just to look fashionable. Luckily, the animals know what’s up, and help before it’s too late!

image via Disney


In this visually stunning film, the wildlife was completely disrespected. Bambi’s mother is shot by a hunter, leaving baby Bambi alone, petrified and confused. Then, near the end of the film, they set the forest on fire to lure the animals to a riverbank to become an easier target. It’s fair to say that this movie traumatized all of us, but at least we learnt a good lesson from it; don’t hunt!

image via Imgur

The Fox and The Hound

Here’s another movie that probably traumatized us! The start of this movie is very intense. After Tod’s mother is shot by hunters, Tod becomes orphaned, and alone. But it’s not long until he’s taken into a loving home. However, Copper is raised to believe that he’s supposed to hunt. Naturally, these different upbringings would make their friendship difficult.


image via Disney

The Aristocats

When O’Malley takes Dutchess and her kittens home, their owner keeps him as part of the family. She could have easily chucked him back out on the streets, but chose compassion instead. She also helps other alley cats, showing that¬†animals who are homeless are just as important as those who do.

image via Oh My Disney

Disney Princesses

Pretty much every Disney Princess film shows compassion towards animals. Yes, some of them may eat animals (*looks at Moana and Merida), but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. After all, Moana did save a little chicken. All of them care and have animal sidekicks.

image via Oh My Disney


Throughout this film, Remy’s dad keeps reminding him of the harsh treatment rats get from humans. Even though his dad is just scared for him, Remy ignores him because he wants to follow his dream. Because of this, all of the rats receive love and care at the end of the movie. No one is ‘grossed out’ by rats anymore! How could anyone think rats are gross though? They’re so cute.

image via tumblr

Cinderella (2015)

The remake of the Disney classic is quite spectacular and beautiful! One of the many things I love about it is how Cinderella actually follows her heart; she has courage and is kind. Basically what I aspire to be like! When Cinderella first meets the prince, he’s out hunting a stag. She stops him, and tells him, ‘just because it’s what’s done, it doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.’ What a beautiful quote! And that basically sums up all of the mistreatment of animals.

image via Pinterest

Obviously, there are so many more Disney films that help promote animal rights, but that’ll be saved for another time!

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10 Bookish Quotes

Quotes are¬†one my favourite things ever. I don’t know why; I guess, maybe, because they can be quite inspirational and motivating. Anyway, here are some of my favourite bookish quotes;

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Best Disney Animal Sidekicks

Each and every heroine in any movie needs a sidekick; they wouldn’t be anywhere without them. The sidekicks are also usually the ones who have the best humour and sarcastic comments ever. But, we all know that the animal sidekicks are the best ones Disney has to offer. Here are my favourite animal sidekicks (in no particular order);

Zazu – The Lion King

image via tumblr

As a child, I thought Zazu was kind of boring, annoying and too serious – he was always ruining Simba and Nala’s fun and did what he was told. Why didn’t he bend the rules and have some fun? Well, Younger Sharlene, he was doing his job and Simba (and Nala) would probably be dead if he didn’t do so. Plus, Zazu is pretty awesome since he knows It’s a Small World!

Jack The Monkey – Pirates of the Caribbean

image via

Jack The Monkey is the cutest thing ever! He’s also pretty loyal to Captain Barbossa and he rocks that little pirate outfit.

Iago – Aladdin

image via YouTube

Even though Iago was a villain in the first Aladdin film, he proved himself to be a better parrot in the other films. He has loyalty, sarcasm, humour and groovy moves which we all love.

Timon and Pumba – The Lion King

image via Disney

Timon and Pumba are probably one of the best Disney sidekicks ever. They taught us the meaning of ‘Hakuna Matata,’ had great banter with each other and are quite an unusual pairing.

Nick Wilde – Zootropolis

image via Disney

Nick is probably my favourite character in this film. Besides from being weirdly ‘attractive,’ he teaches us about prejudice, slight trauma and bullying from a personal point of view. Just like Judy Hopps does. He has such a dramatic character change, that, like Judy, he’s actually quite inspiring. And besides from not wanting to help Judy with the case (at first), he puts a lot of effort in it. Plus, he’s almost like a modern Robin Hood??

Little John – Robin Hood

image via

Speaking of Robin Hood, his best friend, Little John, is awesome. He supports Robin, goes along with his crazy plans… But Robin wouldn’t be anywhere without Little John.

Mushu – Mulan

image via blogspot

He’s a sassy dragon!! He’s so cool!

Maximus – Tangled

image via Disney

This cutie puts all of his loyalty as a Palace Horse aside to let Rapunzel enjoy her birthday with Eugene. He then helps Eugene save the day. Impressive!

Sven – Frozen

image via

Like Maximus, Sven helps Kristoff save the day. He makes Kristoff realise he loves Anna and then takes him to her. Sven is also like a little, excited puppy, always playing and having fun.

Thumper – Bambi

image via Giphy

When they were little, Thumper let Bambi join in their games and taught him different things, like how to say certain words and how to ice skate. And they’re still friends when they’re older. True friendship!

Pascal – Tangled

image via

For years, Pascal kept Rapunzel kept company. He played games with her, let her dress him up, baked with her, stretched with her. And when she finally took the risk to go outside, he supported her. He even tried to defend her from Gothel by tugging on her dress. Pascal is a true best friend!

Baloo – The Jungle Book

image via

This cute bear taught us The Bare Necessities and had us singing it for years.

Sebastian – The Little Mermaid

image via Disney

Despite causing some problems for Ariel, he truly had her best interest and safety at heart. Sebastian even took on a chef; he’s one tough cookie!

Sgt. Tibbs – 101 Dalmatians

maxresdefault (1).jpg
image via YouTube

Anyone who can rescue that many puppies is a legend! But, poor Sgt. Tibbs is SO underrated!

Terk – Tarzan

image via Oh My Disney

Everyone needs a friend like Terk; he includes Tarzan in things, helps him out, supports him and he has a great taste in music. And like almost every other Disney sidekick, he has the best humour.

Bagheera – The Jungle Book

image via

Throughout the film, Bagheera had Mowgli’s safety at the forefront of his mind. He was determined to keep him safe and sound. Bagheera is such a cutie.

Rutt and Tuke – Brother Bear

image via Disney Wiki

Rutt and Tuke’s relationship is so cute and is actually goals! They’re very loyal, humorous and sweet. Everyone needs to have friends like these two!

Jiminy Cricket – Pinocchio

image via Oh My Disney

This little cutie is always looking out for Pinocchio. He teaches him (and us) valuable lessons as well as catchy songs. With Jiminy’s help, Pinocchio finds happiness and becomes a real boy.

Gus and Jaq – Cinderella

image via Disney Wiki

These two tiny mice help Cinderella a lot. Thanks to Jaq’s idea, they make Cinderella’s dress and they bring Cinderella the key to free her. In the other Cinderella films, they are still there to help her. They’re so loyal! (The ‘At The Ball’ song they say is my personal favourite scene of theirs).

Timothy Q Mouse – Dumbo

image via

Another mouse to add on to the list! Timothy Q Mouse supports Dumbo through his hard life so much. With Dumbo being so young, vulnerable, and shy, he really needed Timothy Q Mouse’s help. And it was definitely appreciated.

Meeko and Flit – Pocahontas

image via Fanpop

These two put together are classic. They add a lot of fun to the dramatic movie and, without these, Pocahontas would have found her journey a lot more difficult.

Pegagsus – Hercules

image via FanPop

Pegasus is a flying horse!! He’s freakin’ amazing!!!

As well as that, Pegasus is also very loyal and smart. Just the type of horse that everyone wants.

Flounder – The Little Mermaid

image via Disney

And, last but not least, is Flounder. Even though he gets scared, he still explores with Ariel, and defends her when she’s in trouble. In the films following The Little Mermaid, he’s just as supportive. He’s the type of friend that everyone needs! Plus, Flounder made a special little cameo in Moana – watch the ‘You’re Welcome’ scene very carefully ūüėČ



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Life Lessons to learn from Tangled

Tangled, the movie that everyone loves, is full of important life lessons. Like every other Disney movie, each character teaches a different lesson. And watching this film over and over again, I have taken notice of a new lesson each time. Here are some of the lessons I learnt from this beautiful movie;

Take a step out of your comfort zone

image via Disney

If Rapunzel didn’t have the courage to step out of her tower, she wouldn’t have achieved her dreams, found out who she is, and she wouldn’t have had her amazing adventure either. Plus, she wouldn’t have pulled Eugene. So, stepping out of your comfort zone (or tower) is always a good idea.

Don’t believe in everything you’re told

image via Disney

Gothel continuously lied to Rapunzel about her life and the outside world. While the world is indeed dangerous, she exaggerated the facts and lied about being her mother, and what society is like. If Rapunzel hadn’t had learnt the truth, she wouldn’t have had her happily ever after.

It’s easy for people to lie and make you believe in silly things, so make sure you know what’s up.

Animals make the best friends

image via Disney

Pascal and Maximus both helped Eugene and Rapunzel. Without them, they wouldn’t have been able to have seen the floating lanterns gleam. Plus, their sass is fabulous!

Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!

image via tumblr

Admit it: you had a crush on Eugene straight away and still do to this day. With his romantic gestures, humour and super-human good looks, what’s not to like? It’s not exactly a life lesson, but it’s still a fact of life.

Things aren’t always what they seem

maxresdefault (2)
image via Disney

At first, because of Gothel, Rapunzel thought that the world was dark and selfish, and cruel. If it found even the slightest ray of sunlight, it destroys it. The guys at The Snuggly Duckling seemed like ruffians and thugs at first, but they turned out to be sweet. So, even though there are horrible people in the world, there’s so much more good in it than bad.

Keep doing your hobbies

image via Disney

Rapunzel loved to paint, read and watch the floating lanterns gleam. Maybe if she gave up her hobbies, she wouldn’t have had her adventure or found out who she is. Keep doing your hobbies and you could just very well change your life!

Life is full of those perfect moments

image via Disney

Just live in the moment and notice them.

Your dreams are possible!

image via Disney

(With exceptions). Do you think that Rapunzel would have her happily ever after if she gave up on her dream? Heck, no! Keep chasing your dreams and then go find new dreams.

It’s okay to miss home

image via tumblr

This is probably one of the most relatable lessons in Tangled. When Rapunzel leaves her tower, she practically has a mental breakdown. Eventually, we will all leave our homes and move on to possibly bigger and better things. It’s okay to miss your home and where you came from.

All good things to those who wait

image via Disney

You may not like Gothel, but she was pretty wise and some things she said were kind of true. So, be patient and things will work out in the end.

BONUS LESSON: They’ll never get your nose right

image via Disney

Eugene, sweetheart, I’m so sorry. You didn’t deserve that.

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Disney Summer Themed Movies

To embrace the Summer months, delve into the magical world of Disney and stay indoors, watching their movies!

image via tumblr

Here a few Disney movies with a summer vibe:


Camp Rock 1 and 2

image via Seventeen

Camp Rock is a movie about a summer camp for aspiring musicians. It’s full of awesome songs, summer romance, drama and sass.

Teen Beach Movie 1 and 2

image via Disney Channel

This slightly cringey and clich√© movie is about two teenagers that get trapped in a movie. The just as cliche sequel is about the characters from the movie coming to our reality. They’re still a good watch, nevertheless. Set in the summer time, mainly on the beach, these movies have addictive songs and a fun narrative.

High School Musical 2

image via

Unfortunately, it’s only the second movie that has that special summer vibe. Possibly one of the best Disney Channel Original Movie’s, the sequel follows the loveable characters as they get summer jobs and start thinking about their future.

With awesome songs, a good narrative, summer romance, drama and an amazing cast, this is a must watch during the summer months! Plus, ZAC EFRON!!!!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

image via The Odyssey Online

Eponymous character Lizzie McGuire and her class mates go on a school trip to Rome during the summer break. During that time she meets a famous singer, and things get interesting.

This is a classic Disney Channel Original Movie and is pretty underrated. It has a classic narrative and good humour.

The Little Mermaid

image via Disney

This is a classic Disney movie! It’s main setting is the ocean/beach, it has romance and iconic musical numbers. A perfect summer movie.

A Goofy Movie

image via ohmy.disney

Goofy and his son, Max, go on a road trip together during his summer break. With father-son conflict and drama, this movie is sure to have you both laughing your socks off and feeling emotional. It has great musical numbers, humour and nostalgia.

Frozen Fever

image via Pinterest

Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven plan a special birthday celebration for Anna, but when Elsa gets a cold, things don’t exactly go to plan.

This Disney short film is so cute and shows a special bond between sisters!


image via Disney

This new Disney princess film is full of adventures across the sea, showing just how far she’ll go.

It’s fun, with crazy addictive songs, it’s new, and full of humour with beautiful scenery. Plus, Dwayne Johnson!

The Pirates of the Caribbean series

image via Disney

The film series that also has adventures across the seas will always have you on the edge of your seat. It’s action packed, with drama, romance, sarcasm and, again, beautiful scenery. My bae Johnny Depp is also in it, so how can you go wrong?!

A Bug’s Life

image via Disney

This Pixar film is about ants that get bullied by grass hoppers. It’s set in the summer months, and has that classic, nostalgic Disney Pixar storyline and character types. You can’t help but love this film.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers

image via Disney

Mickey, Donald and Goofy take on the roles of the classic Three Musketeers. Pete hires them to¬†protect Princess Minnie, ¬†believing it will make it easier for him to take over the throne. Minnie falls for Mickey, and soon they see through Pete’s plans.

This light-hearted film brings back a lot of nostalgic memories and makes you feel like a kid again.

Cinderella/Cinderella (2015)

image via Disney

Based on the classic fairytale, these two are a mandatory for summer. They’re filled with romance, musical numbers and leave you with a good message.

Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent

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Also based on the classic fairytale, this is a timeless movie that has to be watched during summer. It’s main setting is the forest, the musical numbers are amazing, and the drawings are simply stunning.

Maleficent is also based on the original fairytale, but looks at Maleficents side of the story more. Slightly feminist, this movie is quite empowering and is also mainly set in the forest. While this keeps the magic, it doesn’t have musical numbers.

Beauty and The Beast/Beauty and The Beast (2017)

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This sweet. inspirational tale is beautiful. They leave you with an important message, has great musical numbers and beautiful scenery. Plus, the like Moana, the live-action Beauty and The Beast is new, so you’ll have something ‘fresh’ to watch over summer.


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When will my life begin? Right after you watch this movie, that’s when. Based on the fairytale Rapunzel, this movie contains complete savage sarcasm, humour, beautiful scenery’s and it has romance. It also leaves you with a good message and is quite empowering since Rapunzel and Eugene save each other.


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Okay, so yes, this is technically a Spring movie, but it’s close enough! It has cute, fluffy animals, romance, cute songs and teaches kids that hunting is wrong. It’s amazing!


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Disneyland bucket list!

Creating a bucket list makes everything more organised and easier to follow. Especially if it’s for something as big (and chaotic) like a Disney theme park.
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Now, I’m not going to Disneyland any time soon, but it’s nice to keep a bucket list anyway, so that you know what to do when you get there… eventually. Plus, it could give your parents or partner a hint that you want to go soon. So, here’s my Disneyland bucket list:

1.Meet all the characters, and have their autograph and a photo with them.


This will be very difficult to accomplish, but it’d be awesome to meet as many characters as possible.

2.Have a photo outisde the castle



A sweet, typical, cliche photo for the Instagram likes. It’s mandatory!!

3.Shout “Andy’s coming!” at the Toy Story characters

Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but apparently they’ll fall on the floor if you shout this. I think it’s definitely worth a go – curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!


Disneybounding is so fun and creative. Think of the cute photos you can get in your Disneybound outfit!

5.Spend New Years/Christmas/Halloween there

image via disneytouristblog

This will be pretty much impossible to do all in one year, but I would love to spend these occasions in Disneyland over the years, at least once. The decorations and vibe look amazing!

6.Steer the Mark Twain boat

Again, I don’t know if this is true, but apparently if you ask to steer it, you can. It could be worth a shot?

7.Get a hat at The Mad Hatter

A mandatory Disney goal!! Plus, why not have your name embroidered on a set of ears?

8.Ride the Teacup ride at night

maxresdefault (1).jpg
image via YouTube

The Teacup ride looks so beautiful at night. And if you’re there with your partner, it would be quite romantic!

9.Visit on my birthday/birthday weekend

When you visit a Disney theme park on your birthday, you get to have a celebratory pin! How cute! Plus, what better way can you celebrate your birthday?

10.Watch the firework show

The fireworks show is always magical, beautiful and never disappointing. It’s the perfect end to a wonderful day at Disney.

11.Try to pull the sword out of the stone

image via Pinterest

Yes, you can actually do this!

12.Sit on the bench where Walt Disney dreamt up the park

image via Flickr

What better way can you appreciate the magic of Disney?

13.Trade pins with a cast member

Trading pins with a cast member would be so cool. Who knows what cool pin you’d end up with?

14.Keep your hands up on the Splash Mountain drop

It’s so tempting to keep hold of the ride or hide your face from the water, so why not try to test yourself to just keep your hands up? The adrenaline might be more intense.

15.Send a postcard from inside Disneyland

Whether it’s to yourself, a friend, or a relative, a postcard from Disneyland would be exciting!

16.Tour Tarzans Treehouse

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Tarzan’s Treehouse is like a mini adventure. It’s so cool and there’s so much detail inside.

17.Paddle through The Rivers of America in a canoe

It would be fun, healthy and insightful.

18.Get my caricature drawn

Ever wonder what you’d look like as a caricature? Now you’d know! Some of them are so funny, that it’s hard not to get one yourself.

19.Watch a parade

Parades are just as important as the fireworks show. They help create the magic and, in the parade, you’ll be able to see all of the characters and have fun.

20.Drink a Mickey’s Fun Wheel before riding the Fun Wheel

image via Pinterest

It’s a fun ride, and to kill time, you may as well have a fun drink that’ll make you excited for the ride.

21.Doll up for Dapper Day

image via Pinterest

Dapper Day is a fun, 50/60s inspired day. I’d love to go to one of these things because I love vintage fashion. And if you’re there with a partner, it’s a totally cute way to dress and spend the day together.

22.Get a death certificate at Haunted Mansion

death certificate
image via

Again, I don’t know if this is actually true, but apparently, if you talk to the ‘right’ cast member, they’ll know what you’re talking about and do it for you. It would be a pretty cool souvenir to have.

23.Get a candy cane at Christmas time

They sell out fast, and you pretty much need to get one – it’s Disney, it’d be Christmas time, and candy canes are yummy!

24.Spend a night in a Disney hotel (specifically the castle)

After watching the firework show, keep the magic alive by staying in a Disney hotel! It’ll probably be dead expensive, but it could be worth it.

25.Have Mickey Mouse shaped food (and take aesthetically pleasing photos of them)

image via

FACT: everything tastes better when it’s Disney inspired. And the photos are so hipster, I love it. Plus, a lot of the Disney snacks are vegan. Even better!

26.Take a picture on the Teacup ride

The Teacup ride is the cutest (second to It’s a Small World), so of course you need a selfie!

27.Take artsy photos

Let’s be honest; most of the artsy photos people take in Disneyland are for Instagram or their blog or something… So, of course I’m going to join in and take artsy photos!

28.Go on the supposed ‘haunted rides’ and see if you can see any ghosts

Apparently some rides at Disney theme parks are haunted. Again, I don’t know if this is true, but it would be cool to see if you could find a ghost or notice any other creepy things.

29. Find at least 5 Mickey Mouse faces

image via Pinterest

Mickey Mouse faces are gathered all around the Disney parks. Some are noticeable and obvious, others are not so. They’re on the floors, the walls, some decorations… Anywhere and everywhere! So finding some Mickey Mouse faces and taking a photo for evidence, would be necessary. Obviously, you don’t want to spend your whole day finding every Mickey Mouse face, so it’s best to keep your goal at a low number.


So there’s my bucket list for Disneyland. No doubt, I will most likely add to this as time goes on, until I go to Disney! What’s on your bucket list for Disney?