Johnny Depp’s Top 5 Disney/Animated Characters

Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actors out there (when will he get his Oscar award?? What the hell?!), and is my favourite. He is handsome, sweet and hilarious. He’s also basically a shape shifter! Yesterday, this great actor turned 55. I know! He still doesn’t look his age. He went from a young hottie to a rock hottie! I’m sure that, for most of us, Johnny Depp was a big part of our childhood; with all of his family friendly films, and films made with Tim Burton, it’s hard to not have seen a movie with him in it. Not that I’m complaining. Anyway, here are my five favourite Disney/Animated/Tim Burton movies that Johnny Depp starred in.

5. Corpse Bride (2005) – Victor Van Dort.

Who hasn’t seen this movie? It’s a Tim Burton – Johnny Depp classic, that’s a particularly good watch during Halloween. The humour, animation style, and narrative is great for that season and for families. Johnny Depp represents Victor as a nervous clutz, who just wants to ‘do the right thing,’ not mess up, and make his parents happy. Though, I assume that making his parents is easier said than done.



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4. The Lone Ranger (2013) – Tonto.

Not many people seem to like this movie, though I don’t know why. It’s a great Disney adventure, with the plot focusing on the Native American and Indian culture. Some scenes are obviously a bit far fetched (like jumping on trains) but that’s Disney. It’s not always going to be realistic. Anyway, Tonto is a funny character, whose heart is in the right place.



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3. Into The Woods (2014) – The Wolf.

This is a fantastic, underrated movie. It’s a musical based on the Brother’s Grimm  fairy tales. It’s an interesting take and, in my opinion, is quite clever with how they managed to link all of the characters together. Johnny Depp’s character, The Wolf, doesn’t get much screen time, but with the time he does have… He owns it! He sings a funny duet with Red Riding Hood (he has a BEAUTIFUL voice, might I add), and does what a wolf does; attack his prey. I do wish this movie had more recognition. Maybe it will in future.



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2. Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass (2010/2016) – Mad Hatter.

Alice in Wonderland is an absolute gem. And these live action movies did so much justice for it. While it is different from the animated version, it certainly is great in its own right. Johnny Depp’s character is one that the audience doesn’t forget easily; he’s probably one of the best things about these movies, since he’s just so fun, bubbly and innocent. Plus, he loves tea, so for us Brits, that’s a bonus!



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1.Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – Captain Jack Sparrow.

And everyone’s favourite! Who doesn’t love these films? Again, Johnny Depp’s performance adds a little je ne said quoi. He’s drunk, loves rum, is carefree and is totally hot. What a catch!



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Whose your favourite Johnny Depp character?


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Pirates of the Caribbean ranked worst to best

After a new Pirates of the Caribbean film has recently added to the franchise, it only makes sense to watch the other films and relive the magic.

The new Pirates of the Caribbean film has received mixed reviews. Some fans, like myself, being over the moon. Some claiming it acted ‘like a sinking ship.’ And some lying somewhere in between. It’s all very intense!

Nevertheless, here’s my opinion on the Pirates of the Caribbean films ranked worst to best.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)


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Plot: when pirate Angelica (Penelope Cruz) finds Caption Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), she forces him to accompany her to Blackbeard’s (Ian McShane) ship. Then, they set out to seek The Fountain of Youth. Meanwhile, Captain Jack’s rival, Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), is also seeking The Fountain.

With this film, I feel that with Elizabeth (Kiera Knightly) and Will (Orlando Bloom) not being in it, it slightly lost its magic. The mermaids were amazing, though.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)


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Plot: the new film shows Captain Jack down on his luck, but things get worse when Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) escapes from The Devil’s Triangle. Captain Jack’s only hope of survival lies in seeking out the Trident of Poseidon.

Even though I loved this movie, I’d be lying if I said I prefered it to the first three films. The first three have all of the loveable, iconic, characters and are so memorable.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)


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Plot: Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) comes to collect a debt from Captain Jack, so he must a way to avoid his fate.

There was so much action and drama that, while it was enjoyable, it was sometimes hard to keep up with when I was younger. The ending will always destroy me though – poor Jack!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)


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Plot: Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan and Captain Barbossa join forces to rescue Captain Jack from Davy Jones’ Locker. Meanwhile, the love between Will and Elizabeth continues to grow stronger as they have the most epic and unique wedding.

I love how fun, adventurous, romantic and dramatic this is. The soundtrack fits in so well with it. Plus, the end credit-scene is great ;).

1.Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)


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Plot: when pirates kidnap the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth, who’s in possession of a valuable coin that’s linked to a curse, Will must rescue her. He finds help from an unlikely source; Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s a pirate that has recently arrived at Port without a ship… Or crew.

This is the film that started it all and introduced us to the beautiful pirate, so of course it’d be the best! It’s filled with humour, action, romance, an amazing cast and an unpredictable plot. What more could you want?


Let me know if you agree, and if you don’t, why not?


The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Disney’s most underrated film?

So, I wrote this for one of my  University modules. I had a pretty good mark on it, so I thought I’d upload it;


The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of Disney’s most powerful movies out there. It’s now been released for 21 years, and still, hardly anyone praises it. Either they haven’t seen it, or they just don’t agree with the message it’s sending for some reason. Some people don’t want their kids seeing it because of these representations. However, the representations of certain things aren’t bad; they’re actually pretty realistic, moving and, in some ways, educational. Everyone should watch this film at least once in their life, for the inspiration. They don’t know what they’re missing. Here are some reasons as to why this film is so underrated.

I’ll start off with talking about the message it gives, since I’ve technically already started that point. As most people know, this film is about Quasimodo, a deformed bell ringer who finds difficulty in being accepted in society. He’s treated differently because his appearance isn’t up to everyone’s standards, which could be something that some people can relate to. It’s still relevant to society today; having tolerance and acceptance towards other people, no matter how different they are. It explores this message with such great, emotional detail and depth that it’s hard to not be moved after watching this. You really start to think about the question, “what makes a monster and what makes a man?” which is given to us by our narrator, Clopin.

“You mistreat this poor boy the same way you mistreat my people. You speak of justice yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help.”




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Esmerelda is the first one who actually calls out Judge Claude Frollo for his cruel actions. She truly is Disney’s feminist icon! The gypsy Esmerelda isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if she has to do it on her own, and does it with sass. She’s a strong, female protagonist that knows what equality actually means. Her song “God Help the Outcasts” is deep and completes the film; it shows just how much she cares for other people, by praying for them instead of herself. The juxtaposition between her prayer and other people’s prayers helps prove this. They ask for wealth and beauty, and what does Esmerelda ask for? She wants mercy and help to be given to those mistreated and asks the important question; “I thought we all were children of God?” Like Quasimodo, she has also been mistreated, but doesn’t allow it to make her bitter, or hold it against anyone.

Speaking of Quasimodo, he’s an unconventional protagonist. He defies all conventional standards of beauty but still has a big heart, despite being abused and secluded from society his entire life. Our dear Quasimodo doesn’t dream of being rescued or finding his true love. All he really wants is to become part of the society that he has been watching from the Bell Tower.

Quasimodo has been abused by his “master” Judge Claude Frollo his entire life. He keeps Quasimodo in the Bell Tower, so that he’s kept locked away, where no one else can see. While being kept isolated in the Bell Tower of Notre Dame, Frollo mentally abuses Quasimodo. Frollo is a cruel and terrifying, yet brilliant villain, and is a very good reason alone to watch this movie. He’s a man of power who genuinely doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. Like Clopin says, “he saw corruption everywhere except within.” Frollo’s harmless appearance makes him look like everyone else in the movie; this, again, is relevant to our society today because it proves that everyone and anyone is capable of being a villain.

The Bell Tower that Quasimodo is kept in is so beautiful. That, as well as the Cathedral and stained glass windows have so much effort and detail put into it. It’s a shame as to how underappreciated these animations are. There are few films that can live up to the quality of work that this film has. It’s so realistic, that you can see just how dedicated the workers were when doing this. The Cathedral itself is one greatly underappreciated; as well as its appearance, it’s so important to the plot that it may as well be considered a character as well.

Judge Claude Frollo’s ‘villain song’ “Hellfire” is brilliantly juxtaposed with Quasimodo’s beautiful song “Heaven’s Light.” It shows how different their characters and intentions are. While Frollo’s intentions are selfish and are, to him, sinful, Quasimodo’s intentions are innocent and romantic. The other songs and scores featured within the film are just as well-matched to the message, characters and atmosphere. They are catchy and it is clear to see that a lot of dedication has been put into them.

I left this point to last because I thought it would ironically fit here better. And that is because, romance isn’t the end or main goal. With other unconventional features within the movie, this is one of the most important aspects, and is a good message to children. Quasimodo falls for Esmerelda but she ends up with Phoebus. While most characters would be heartbroken and jealous by not being loved in return, Quasimodo is happy for them both. He isn’t bitter and doesn’t try to separate them. Instead, he supports them. Because, for him, finally being accepted in society is more important. He’s so happy to finally be part of them and ‘allowed’ outside. It’s a beautiful and emotional scene. At first, he’s quite shy and uncomfortable about going outside, but Esmerelda helps him. Then, the town’s people start cheering and hugging him, and he starts crying.

It’s hard to not love this movie. It goes into so much depth about so many things, that you simply have to appreciate it. Everything about it is so beautiful, and so I urge you to watch this film now and give it some love!


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5 Reasons To Watch The New Pirates of the Caribbean

The new film in the franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar’s Revenge, is the perfect way to reboot the franchise. It has the same humour, is slightly nostalgic and has lots of action. I loved every minute of it! So, here are the top five reasons to watch this beauty;

Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow


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The first reason obviously has to be this god! He’s beautiful, funny, sarcastic, care-free, and stylish. No Pirates of the Caribbean film would be complete without this man and his iconic character.

Will Turner and Elizabeth Turner


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Although this was kind of obvious, you do see these beloved characters again! And, yes, it is low-key emotional! It was so amazing to see these characters back in the films, even if it was for a short amount of time, because it reminds you of why you loved them.

The Black Pearl


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Speaking of seeing old characters, The Black Pearl makes an appearance! I felt like a kid in a toy store when I saw this ship in the movie; you’re instantly reminded of the fuss about this ship. It’s so exciting.



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With the new character, Carina Smyth, a slightly wider perspective on the role of women in that day and age is provided. And Carina Smyth is sassy, smart, cute, and fits in perfectly. However, my favourite bit about this character was the misinterpretation of what a “horologist” was; “my mother was a horologist too but she didn’t go shouting about it!”

The Adventure


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As always, the adventure and story in the Pirates film is always exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There’s a lot to focus and think about. With new characters and more information on Captain Jack’s past, everything is fresh and new.

If you haven’t seen the new Pirates film yet, hopefully these reasons will encourage you to see it ASAP!

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ (2017) spoiler free movie review

After hearing about this film being made into a live-action about a year or so ago, I was so excited. I knew I’d love it and would have to watch it the first day it came out. So that’s exactly what I did.

A Tale as Old Time; based on the original Disney movie released in 1991, this live action remake is truly unmissable! It’s fun, stylish, and whilst it keeps the original soundtrack, it has more amazing songs included!

Emma Watson plays the adorable Belle, and she’s probably the best Belle out there. Like Belle, Emma Watson has the same brown eyes and brown hair. She’s also a feminist, a bookworm, strong, and, independent. I can’t think of anyone who could have been a better choice. Watson also has such a sweet singing voice. At first, I was surprised that her voice was THAT good – who would have thought that Hermione could hit those notes? I was so excited to see Emma Watson play Belle. She’s one of my favourite actresses, and since Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films, Belle is one of my favourite princesses.


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Gaston was played by the talented (and hot) Luke Evans. I thought that he was the perfect Gaston. He had the look, voice, sass and attitude down to a work of art. Now, Gaston is one of my favourite Disney villains –  I still don’t particularly know why – so, the same as I was with Emma Watson and Belle, I was so pleased to see how well Luke Evans was Gaston.

I was also excited to hear a familiar voice from a past Disney movie. Josh Gad, who played Le Fou, was also the guy who played Olaf from Frozen. Did he keep the humour? Hell yeah! Gad and Evans were awesome on-screen together. However, whenever I heard his voice all I thought of was Olaf. I was almost expecting him to start telling Gaston in song form about how awesome Summer is.

However, I was also expecting that it would seem more obvious that Le Fou was gay; some parts would be clear for older audiences, but definitely not for children. They’d only see the humorous side. So, I don’t particularly understand why so many people made such a big fuss, when it’s not even a big deal, anyway? Le Fou, is awesome, leave him alone!


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The characters were portrayed accurately. And, watching this film brought so much nostalgia. It reminds you why you fell in love with the animated version in the first place. Yes, this will be cliché to say, but it was visually stunning. The iconic ballroom dance scene was romantically lit, the costumes were like the animation, the song gave you the same romantic feeling and the dancing was simply breathtaking. You could see the connection between Belle and the Beast. It was simply beautiful and truly a cinematic experience. I want to see it again!

Disney has been making many live-action films lately, and this film definitely continues that hot streak. It’s everything you expect and more! You won’t be disappointed with this film, at all. If you’re thinking of watching this, I’d suggest you go and watch it quickly. With the popularity it already has, the cast, and so many positive reviews already, it will surely break the bank at the box office.


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‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ spoiler-free movie review

Released back in 2013, Disney gave us a great prequel to the classic myth of The Wizard of Oz. With a rating of 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 3/5 stars from The Guardian, this movie was a big success.

James Franco stars as a circus magician with untrustworthy ethics. But, after a storm, he doesn’t think he’s in Kansas anymore. Hurled away to the magical Land of Oz, Franco becomes The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He must fulfull a prophecy, and release the land from the Wicked Witches.


The Wizard of Oz’s character development within the movie is pretty genious. He starts off as a ladies’ man, romancer, and, basically, a con artist. Then, by the end of the film, he wants to help people; he’s honest and faithful. It’s a pretty realistic character development that takes time and makes him seem more humane.

Not only does this film give a great backstory to the Witches and The Wizard of Oz, but it also explores real life situations. Deciet, heartbreak, family conflict, love, and the circus life. It’s easy for people to relate to in some way, which makes this film more enjoyable.

However, even though I enjoyed this film a lot, I thought they could have had more references to the original film. Yes, they did have some characters and the iconic storm. But, it would have been nice if there were more references included. Like the red shoes that Dorothy wears, or something.

This family adventure is suitable for all ages and is a very interesting prequel. It’s boisterous, engaging, humorous and lovingly detailed. And, like most fairytales and myths, it has a happy ending.



“Tangled” movie review

This is easily one of my favourite films of all time. So after one of my friends who STILL hasn’t watched it, I knew that this was the film to review next.

Released back in 2010, Tangled follows the fairytale of Rapunzel. It’s not exactly the Brother’s Grimm version. This take on Rapunzel is much more ‘friendlier’ for children, and may be a bit easier for them to follow. It is much like the classic Disney films with the opening sequence, which can bring back some nostalgic memories.

The animation throughout is stunning. There is so much detail put into everything. The colours used help set the emotions with each scene, which also helps add to the excitement.

Disney truly put a lot of effort into this soundtrack. Every song is so catchy and beautiful. It’s impossible to not sing a long. Feeling like a kid again when you watch this film, you will feel giddy with excitement, with the help of the songs. They’re all so upbeat, even the ‘villain song’, which is ingenious.

One of my favourite things is that you can slowly see the romance between Rapunzel and Eugene (AKA Flynn) slowly grow. Eugene first says “we’ll part ways as unlikely friends” to telling Rapunzel, “you were my new dream.” It’s so sweet and innocent, truly making it that bit more realistic.



The boat scene, where they sing the traditional love song, is amazing. The lighting, the song lyrics, the actions…. Perfect! Like I said, their relationship is very sweet and innocent, and natural.

Rapunzel is the perfect Disney princess. She’s so cute and classy, and a little bit sassy. Her friendship with her animal sidekick Pascal (and Maximus), is precious. She really does care about animals.

Every princess needs her prince, and Eugene is the perfect guy for our dear Rapunzel. He is a total badass, sarcastic, and, for an animation, he’s pretty hot. The facial hair thing he has going on is just awesome.

Mother Gothel is the perfect villain for this movie. By being an embodiment of a crime that happens more often than not – kidnapping – she is truly haunting. Her subtle verbal abuse and reverse psychology towards Rapunzel throughout the film is kind of ingenious. Also, can we talk about how sassy she is? This film is actually full of sass, I love it.



*SLIGHT SPOILER!* However, the only tiny problem I have with this film is quite morbid. When one of the characters get stabbed, there’s no blood on the weapon. Where did it go? I know it’s probably because a lot of children will be watching it. But it’s only blood. It just makes it more realistic. *END OF SPOILER!*

This fun, action packed musical is fun for all the family, and everyone else. The humour is appropriate for all ages, and there are some things which adults may find more humorous than kids, and vice versa. It’s enjoyable and easy to sing a long to. The characters are so easy to fall in love with. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you do! You’re missing out on so much if you haven’t!


“Cinderella” (2015) spoiler-free movie review

In 2015, Disney brought us a new, updated version of the classic and much-loved tale of Cinderella. This new movie stars Lily James as Cinderella (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) as The Prince, and Helena Bonham Carter (Sweeney Todd) and The Fairy Godmother. They are joined with Cate Blanchett (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) as the Stepmother, Holliday Grainger (The Riot Club) as Anastasia, and Sophie McShera (Downton Abbey) as Drizella.

Lily James’ acting was superb. She kept the sweetness that Cinderella has, and was very traditional in that respect. It was amazing! The role suited her so well, and I was devastated when I saw the credits on the screen; I didn’t want it to end! She portrays the role of a victim of abuse so well; when she has a little breakdown, it makes the audience feel her pain with her because it was so realistic.


Richard Madden was the perfect prince! He has the look and the attitude down to a work of art. And, he didn’t look too bad himself, in that prince outfit of his 😉

Helena Bonham Carter gave yet another amazing performance. Her costume and attitude fitted the character perfectly. I especially loved her take on the iconic “Bibidi Babidi Bu” song. I enjoyed watching her on-screen so much; I wish she had more screen time.

The soundtrack to go with this movie is beautiful. My personal favourites are “Lavender’s Blue” and “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”. They are so fitting to the movie and are easy to sing along to. Lily James has such a sweet singing voice which makes it even better.

One of my favourite scenes, has to be when Cinderella and The Prince first meet. It was so cute and made me love Cinderella even more. Here, Cinderella defends a stag that The Prince was hunting. His reason for hunting was “because it’s what’s done”, and Cinderella’s response was, “just because it’s what’s done, it doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.” I feel that has a dual meaning; she’s obviously talking about the stag (yay, defending animals!!), but it’s relevant to the way she’s being treated as well. And, obviously, anything else that’s done which shouldn’t be done. It’s so empowering and sassy, I love it!


Another favourite scene of mine is, of course, the classic ball scene. Like the original Cinderella, this scene is also very romantic. It makes you want to go to a ball of your own, with all those fancy gowns and traditions. Cinderella’s dress here is stunning. The colours, the style, everything about it is breathtaking. It resembles the original Cinderella’s dress so much, but is also kind of original at the same time; it’s amazing. Also, the way The Prince gets awkward and shy when talking to Cinderella, and says, “oh believe me, they’re all looking at you,” is adorable. Plus, his smile when he sees her is of just literal joy, he’s like a little puppy!

The settings in this movie are breathtaking. From the garden, the house, the castle, to the ball. Like every other Disney film, they have so much detail put in them, that it’s aesthetically pleasing. The costumes are even spot on and are so vintage. I want their dresses in my wardrobe!

However, this version explores the ongoing problem of abuse. The stepmother verbally abuses Cinderella, isolates her by making her move to the attic and even threatens her. I thought it was really good that they went into more depth with this subject. Unfortunately, this is sort of where my only problem with the movie lies. Cinderella never sticks up for herself! Even when she’s locked in the attic, she just sings. I know this was most likely to keep that ‘princess’ ideology with her, to keep the idea to “have courage and be kind”, and to keep Cinderella’s characteristics. But it sort of makes her seem like a bit of a pushover. It would have been nice to have seen the wicked Stepmother and stepsister’s have something bad happen to them. However, I also feel that it did make her empowering, in a way. The way she says “I forgive you”, sort of makes you think, well, that was very big of her; she’s choosing not to be bitter and not to make them suffer like she has. She’s moving on and that in itself is brave.


I personally adore this film, though. This update of the fairytale reminds us why we fell in love with Cinderella. They keep the magic alive, reminding the audience that anything is possible and dreams can come true. It is a very sweet, innocent and romantic film, filled with Disney magic.

Cinderella is perfect for a family movie night, or even a girly night in. Or even if you want to watch it by yourself; it’s perfect for any occasion. It sends a strong message to “have courage and be kind”, tells you how important faith, family and friendship is.

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.


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“Trolls” spoiler-free movie review

Dreamwork’s Trolls, released near the end of 2016, has proven to be quite successful. From the creator’s of Shrek, this new film has received a rating of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.

After their friends have been kidnapped by bergens, two trolls, Poppy and Branch, must set off to rescue them. On their way to rescue their friends, they meet new characters and face different obstacles. Some, slightly unexpected.



Poppy, voiced by Anna Kendrick, is the happiest troll in the village. All of the trolls, apart from Branch, are very optimistic, however. Poppy loves to sing, dance, see the bright side to everything and make friends. She’s probably one of the most precious animated characters ever; she doesn’t let anything bring her down. And her pink hair, and sparkly pink skin is so cute. You almost want to be like Poppy after watching this film; she’s so optimistic and girly!

“Hey! I’m not giving up today, there’s nothing standing in my way. And if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again.”

Branch, voiced by Justin Timberlake, is probably the only troll which isn’t happy. He has a cranky, stubborn nature, yet also realistic ideals, which causes him to be somewhat isolated from the other trolls.

Russell Brand’s voice also makes an appearance in this film; to the disappointment or delight of the audience. I was thrilled when I realised he was in this film; I think he’s hilarious. Other recognisable voices are those of James Corden and Gwen Stefani. With this awesome casting list, it’s a wonder as to how it didn’t get a higher rating.

The humour in this film is priceless. It’s suitable for all ages; keeping everyone amused throughout the film. With Poppy’s almost naive optimism and Branch’s sarcasm. Even a cloud has a good sense of humour in it (literally. There’s a cloud guy).


It has quite a strong message: how far will you go for happiness? The importance of family, friendship and happiness is shown throughout the movie. This isn’t particularly new for any type of movie, however, the way it’s portrayed here is kind of different, in a way, compared to other movies.

This musical, family adventure is fun and action packed. It has songs which every one of any age will love, one of which is Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’, as well as other recognisable songs. The lovely Ariana Grande also has a song featured in it. I think this is probably the happiest animation film I’ve ever seen, and probably will ever see. These cute trolls can turn anything happy; even when they’re being threatened. It’s such a funny film, which only disappointed me when it finished.

Like I say at the end of all of my movie reviews: if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about time you did! You won’t be disappointed at all with this movie. Unless, like me, you’re dissapointed when it finishes.


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“Finding Dory” spoiler-free review

The long-awaited sequel to the first film, Finding Nemo, was finally released last Summer. I was so excited to watch it; I actually counted down the days from when it was first announced. I was like a little kid waiting for it to be released.

And then the day came when I finally saw it; I was not disappointed at all. It was such an amazing film, filled with nostalgia. Having a rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, this film is suitable for all audiences, and is guaranteed to make you laugh your tail off.

We get to find out more about Dory. As expected, we see her as a baby, we meet her parents and we find out where she comes from. I guess we really are ‘finding Dory‘. baby dory.png


Baby Dory is so cute! Her big eyes and tiny little fins are just simply adorable. Her sweet voice to go with her appearance is to die for. I can’t get over how precious she looks, it makes me want to cry.

“There are no walls in the ocean.” 



As someone who is passionate about animal welfare, my favourite thing about this film is the message it sends. ANIMALS WANT THEIR FREEDOM!! It perfectly captures the shifting attitudes of keeping animals confined, and the shifting attitudes of animals that are being confined. Dory’s new friends, a begula whale, Bailey, and a nearsighted whale shark, Destiny. Bailey develops a fear of life in the open ocean while Destiny develops an insecurity about her swimming abilities, as she keeps bumping into the walls. They overcome these fears and insecurities, which helps keep the strong message alive.

We see familiar faces from the first film, which makes your inner-child SO happy. The references and little ‘Easter Eggs’ to the first film help make it that much more memorable and exciting. There’s even a ‘after credits’ scene. It was worth the wait.

This fun-family adventure definitely meets the expectation of being as good as the first film. Maybe even better. It has things that adults and children will find funny and understand. The much-loved characters meet more characters that will be just as loved. It is a story about family, love, and animal rights. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out! If you loved the first film, and want to watch something fun and new, then this is the film for you. It could be your new favourite film. You won’t be disappointed!



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