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How To Add A Touch Of Disney To Your Graduation

Graduation is just around the corner for many people, my sister included. It can be a nervous day, so why not make it less scary and more excitable by adding Disney to your special day? After all, it’s quite a unique experience. Right now, you may have no idea what to do next; but chill! Just enjoy your day!

Here are some special ways to add a touch of magic to your day…

Graduation Caps

Recently, decorating your graduation cap has become very popular. You’ve paid for it, so I guess you may as well decorate it as you like.

You could embrace your childhood and go for caps like these;

image via Gurl
image via Gurl
image via Hative


image via Gurl
image via Pinterest

Or, you could copy some characters. You could go for Sharpay Evan’s fabulous look, from High School Musical 3: Senior Year;


image via tumblr

Or, you could copy Patrick’s look from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I know it isn’t Disney, but it’s still a cool style, and he’s a book character – Belle would approve of your bookworm style!

image via tumblr

There are so many options!



If you’re not brave enough to decorate your cap, or want to do something more than just that, then Disneybound! It’s another fun, creative thing to do.

You could Disneybound as Sharpay from High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Her graduation look is quite inspiring.

image via PopSugar

Or, you could go for something more simple. I particularly like this Disneybound idea for Rapunzel;

image via Polyvore


Add a bow to your outfit!


Bows are the cutest things ever and just scream ‘DISNEY!’ for me! Why not add one to your outfit, somehow? Whether it’s on your cap, your dress, your shirt, your shoes or your bag, it’s still cute. And if you don’t want to add a bow, you could just add a Disney accessory/piece of jewellery!

Disney inspired hairstyle/makeup

Easy pops! Choose your favourite hairstyle and favourite makeup look from whatever character you like, and copy it. Or do something similar.

image via Disney

Watch movies


There isn’t a lot of choice of Disney movies related to graduation, but the few that I know of are worth the watch. There’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Lizzie McGuire: The Movie, and An Extremely Goofy Movie. You could even watch some movies that relate to high school, such as Big Hero 6 and A Goofy Movie!

image via buzzfeed


Disney mug

Have your celebratory drink in your very own Disney mug! Your drink will then be the most magical of all.

Say an unhealthy amount of Disney quotes

This will be an emotional day for some, so lighten the mood by embracing your inner Disney Nerd and slay people with quotes and references.

image via tumblr

So, whether it’s your graduation or your friends or relatives; good luck and have fun! And keep your head in the game!


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My 10 underrated non-Disney animated movies

There are many movies out there that are so good, that they actually get confused to be a Disney movie. They may as well be a Disney movie! Here are ten of the best non-Disney animations.

1. The Book of Life

Source: Wikipedia

This fun, animated adventure is brought to us from 20th Century Fox. Following young man Manolo who is torn about pleasing his father and following his dreams. This film tells us to celebrate the past whilst looking to the future.Featuring some recognisable songs, this film will have you singing along with it in no time.

If I’m honest, it’s not exactly what you’d expect it to be like, but it is an amazing movie. It explores The Day of the Dead as well as young love.


2. The Swan Princess

Source: Wikipedia

This film holds so many childhood memories for me. From Nest Entertainment, this film is about a sorcerer who wants the King’s castle. Therefore, he transforms the princess into a swan by day, to try to persuade her to marry him. Suitable for all the family, this film has a lot of humour and super catchy songs.

3. Thumbelina


Another 20th Century Fox film! Based on Don Bluth’s Thumbelina, this film is about a tiny girl who meets a tiny fairy prince. However, after getting kidnapped, she must find her way home while her prince searches for her. Full of adventure, this film is fun for all the family, although it may have the cynics throwing up.

 4. Anastasia

Source: IMDB

This has to be one of my favourite childhood films, and is still one of my favourites to date. From 20th Century Fox, this film is based on the story of the lost Duchess, Anastasia. Not remembering her past or who she is, the last surviving child of the Russian Royal family, Anastasia, must join two men to reunite with her Grandmother. Meanwhile, Rasputin seeks her death.

The soundtrack and quality are amazing to this film. It’s a shame that it’s so underrated.

5. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Source: Wikipedia

This beautiful animation was brought to us from Dreamworks. I still think this is one of the films that made me love animals so much. This film is about a young stallion who has been captured by humans and is being trained. However, he slowly loses his resistance to being trained. Whilst struggling for freedom, he still holds hope that he will someday go home again. This emotional film is a must watch and is shockingly underrated.

6. The Road to El Dorado

Source: Wikipedia

I am shocked to say that it was only Summer last year when I watched this film, thanks to my sister for nagging me to watch it so much.It was probably my ‘go to’ film, last year. Another Dreamworks film which is action packed and suitable for all ages, with some jokes that only adults will understand, but kids will still laugh at. This film is about two (greedy) men who find a map to a city of gold, El Dorado. You’ll be laughing from the beginning to the end with this film.

7. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Source: IMDB

From Dreamworks again, this animated adventure is about the legend sailor, who is framed by Goddess Eris for the theft of the Book of Peace. Sinbad must travel to the end of the world to retrieve it and save his childhood friend, Prince Proteus.

This film has a lot of humour and the animations have so much detail. It is definitely suitable for everyone, of any age.

8. Balto

Source: Wikipedia
The real Balto with Gunnar Kaasen. Source: Wikipedia

This film is from Universal pictures and is based on a true story. I absolutely adore this movie; Balto is so cute! It follows the story of Balto, a dog who helped save children from a deadly epidemic in Alaska.


As far as I’m aware, for a children’s movie, this is pretty historically accurate. Obviously they added some things in to make it more entertaining for children. But, the general storyline is accurate.

9. The Land Before Time




From Universal pictures comes one of the most emotional animated movies ever. I almost always cry when I watch it, especially because of the nostalgia. The story follows a oprhaned baby dinosaur who teams up with other baby dinosaurs in order to reunite with their families.

This is an amazing movie, but be prepared to cry! I’ve been more emotional when I found out what happened to the girl who voiced Ducky…

10. The Wild Thornberry’s Movie

Source: Wikipedia

Last, but definitely not least, is from Nickelodeon. This awesome family adventure is based on the TV show of the same name. It follows young Eliza Thornberry who has the ability to talk to animals. When she witnesses a cheetah cub being taken by poachers, she must try to rescue him. However, when she discovers that the poachers are planning to do something awful to hundreds of elephants, her sister is put in danger. She might have to give up her power to talk to animals to save her. With an awesome soundtrack and narrative, this movie is not one to miss.

I think this movie is partly to blame (or praise) for me being so concerned with animal rights. It explores this in quite a lot of depth for a movie whose main audience are children.


So there are some non-Disney movies which I think are underrated. There are definitely more, but there’s not enough room to add them all on one blog post 😉